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The bottle service ad hoc Assan where we were all out they probably stuck with about maybe a few thousand five or six thousand dollar Bill. Would you agree with that? Yeah. I mean, I would say that's the that's the upper register of what of what was going on that night. And we were not we were just that the we kinda got the leave. And we were there for the KOA right over there bottles table to get the bottles and the woman who came over was making drinks raw of us. And then we had no intend not one of us at any intention of laying down. No that was all guy. No, no. I was I was ready to just be like. Pick up my phone. Hello. Outside this terrible service in here and then never come in to get to the airport. Four thirty in the morning, you never call too soon. Really, I didn't get my TSA. No. But the idea that like sixty four thousand dollars for four NFL players in however, many people were around them is not outlandish. But then for them to just be like, we're not paying it. And now we're gonna fight it out is that a function of these guys just wherever they go in Jacksonville their bar tabs or just paid for for them. What do you think? I think they probably are used a rolling into hooters or whatever they're hitting. Basis to like. Yep. Out already for them. That's it. I think you're right. And in England, it's like unless you're Harry Kane or like someone from Chelsea like, no one's gonna give shit about you. And they're not gonna care, and you aren't like known if you're if you're Ricky Gervais, maybe you get the bottles IRS for free. If you're these guys, they don't know. So apparently, the they were in custody for nine hours. And then it's understood that the club drop the complaint after the Bill was set. There was definitely a misunderstanding. But as far as my actions are concerned, I take full responsibility shirts at the what kind of is understanding, you did not pay the Bill, and then he went outside and tried to fight some dudes and tried to get away with it. I don't understand where is the misunderstanding in that having him. So he misunderstood that. They weren't going to give it to them for free. That's a misunderstanding rating. Okay. I mean, this again, if have we learned nothing from LAC de like you can't just fuck with people in other countries. What I'm saying? Even if you're kicking down the bathroom door of shitty like gas station. Got to be on your better behavior winner in another. You wonder does. Liz, a message to me, actually. Canada. Busy. Now question does the NFL ever make habitation in London? Do you think is that happening? They want to bet that'd be the worst. Could you imagine how bad that would be? If you're the Rams and you gotta play London. Forget it or even dude. Or if you're dude from like grown-up playing like football like outta like Georgia's like never really left the south the now, you gotta go live in London drive on the street and just be in a country where people you give a shit about you. That's right. Yeah. M then over here, just as as you were. Oh, yeah. What's the seven AM game? Don't be awfully that's real. Yeah. Yeah. The four AM game in LA. All right. So I don't know if you saw this about Sean white yet is Halloween. We're we're recording. This. I don't think Canada has how candidate not have Halloween two months ago. September third and thanksgiving for them is July for. So Sean why you decided to go simple, Jack, simple jet. The Ben Stiller character from what's the movie, I forgot even Jack tropics on tropic thunder. Correct. Okay. So a character been Stiller played who was low. I guess that's the the generous term for it mentally challenged. I guess is the actual politically say his costume. Did look good. I mean, he was it was a great portrayal. But that was the weird part about about his sort of explanation where he was like, this was the last minute to citizen. This is what he put out on interest. I didn't think about this until a few hours before. And then he kind of came out with like like, a, you know, Hollywood makeup trailer level performance of the. Now, I don't know how people feel about because I was I felt kinda mixed about it like I understand. Maybe it wasn't in the best taste. But that didn't you need to make an apology..

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