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But now with me to in the testimony of five additional witnesses will the weight of it change i have always asked how many women is it going to take before one woman is believed over the denial of a rich powerful famous man kospi's case is one of the first celebrity and criminal trials to play out in this moment it's almost like a test case of the influence of metoo the consequences are serious if the eighty year old is found guilty he could be locked up for what might be the rest of his life and if he is acquitted many women's advocates fear a chilling affect for victims of sexual violence again rebecca trae stor i think there would be a revolt if he were declared innocent i but but who knows that's why this trial in this moment is groundbreaking people say well where's this going i don't know where it's going but i like where it is next time on cosby unravel we hear from a new cosby accuser it was just the two of us in a mmediately i felt that something was wrong subscribe wherever you get your podcast special thanks to musicians tony trove and mike beavis to diana martinez in adam stan chefs key for engineering help sandra clark is vice president of news and civic dialogue cosby unravel was produced by lindsey lazar sqi and ginette woods i'm annette john hall.

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