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Impotence to. I mean, I'm I'm gonna take terrier this week. This is where all this is where pays up all those weeks that he got fucked. He's not getting bucked. It's week. Frank Frank gore. Fuck you Alan Frank and Cup that other guys losing my brother's not playing Lamar Miller this week. He heard this episode. Our Miller's on a buy week. He was forced he had to be forced to foot. Lamar Miller on the bench and play Frank or. I was sitting gronkowski again. That's good. I think he's come round. He's also sitting Aguilar, and we gave him shit for that that he kept being angular every week. He's listening. I don't he's listening. But he's he's figuring it out. You know, James is telling them what to do probably Terry. Material to his kid comes over to a house like I'll be watching football. And he'll just be like. Like, he doesn't watch it all even though he plays football thriller. And just be like oh houses equal Elliott doing fantasy. And I'm like, oh, you know, like, you know, spanning season. Oh, he's on his own. Pretty good sparring. Oh, cool. And I go, oh you your team's not playing fancy football. I just like. Yes. Like individual in fantasy football not in real life. How is he was doing? He wanted to house. He'll it was doing specifically in fantasy football his dad's a Dallas fan though. I mean, he just James place tackle football like and all I hear about is..

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