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Part of the week with highs Wednesday only in the sixties under mostly cloudy skies with a chance of some morning showers. Downtown Seattle at KOMO News, It's 68 Stay connected. Stay informed the Northwest's only 24 hour news station Homo news 1000 FM, 97 7. I'm Rick fans, I said the editor's desk. Kathy O'Shea Headlines. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is standing up for the U. S withdrawal from Afghanistan, testifying in a house hearing today, we'll have more From Washington, D C and what he said coming up in just about 20 minutes. Washington State troopers, prison guards and other public sector employees have filed a lawsuit to try to overturn Governor Inslee's Covid 19 Vaccine Mandate, and Insley spokesperson says the governor knows the vaccine requirements are legal and essential for saving lives. A trip to the West Coast for President Biden today First Idaho then California. Alex Stone is covering it for ABC News and talk with commas. Taylor van size Alex. Idaho is not frequent stop for presidents. I went through the Idaho Statesman newspaper in Boise, and they reported that they haven't had a sitting president visits since 2015. So why did President Biden make the visit today? Yeah, This was all about wildfires today. Taylor, the National Interagency Fire Center. Nifc as it's known, which is the federal Command Center for Wildfire Response. It is in Boise. It's big center where They not only command wildfires, but they make a lot of the policy of how wildfires will be fought and where resources are going to be going to. This is a day for President Biden that is split into whether the first half of the afternoon is going to be all about wildfire. He boarded Air Force One heading to Sacramento to two were the wildfire damage from the cow door. Fire around south like, uh oh. To me with fire commanders in the Sacramento area after meeting with the fire Command and Nifc, then he's going to come to Southern California, where he will be campaigning. For governor Gavin Newsom before recall election voting ends tomorrow. But the first part of this being about wildfires, here's what he told the firefighters had Nifc. It's not a Democrat thing. It's not a Republican thing. It's a weather thing. It's a reality. It's serious. We can do this. We can do this process. We can create jobs and talking.

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