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Chase's talked in the past about how he sees himself as AJ in a weird way and he is kind of making points but they he gets called on it because he is all over the place But it it is. It's almost like it's it's similar to Tony Couple of episodes ago where he's talking about. How like you almost have it like you feel like you have this big epiphany or this big idea but then you can't you can't grab it and if you're Asia you can't explain it either but he's mostly correct. I think in stuff that he's talking about but he's being a little bit. Aj about it. Because they are at a functional. Yeah it's funny as well. We were trying to figure out how to say Yates. Yeah no they're like the jets and yeah. I feel like he is exactly like Tony. The differences that Tony's big and powerful. And he's the head of the family and everyone can has to listen to them and kind of go. Yeah exactly Tony. When he's going on about is shipping containers or whatever when ages. Talk all this bullshit. Everyone was like what are you talking about the paternoster etc? Like they just GonNa make fun of him and that's GonNa make him go. Joined the army man sense and not get too into like the psyche of David Chase but at least from watching the show you know and like trying to sit with each episode and we've talked a lot about his anti climaxes and stuff. He likes to kind of LEAN TOWARDS. I feel like it is a weird. Meta thing of like. He's even calling himself on his bullshit where he's like. I'm trying to sell this stuff in the show but I mean is this just a dumb mob show or is my is what I'm saying clear to anyone. But that's that's I like to think through it well. The very next seen as well is like a clip from TV when they're talking about writing for TV that's certainly feels like a very sort of David is like talking about myself talking about television. We gotta get some of this stuff in there there in the show before but a bit more like over the top now. It's just kind of mentioned about talking about a pilot and you're like I get styles you're getting ready for the pilot just from that. Do they're watching The twilight zone episode. It's called the Bard. It's the final episode of twilight zone to be an hour long so I mean there was more what they were shorter. I guess and Yeah the the. The basic plot is that It's a direct satire. The American television industry the episode concerns in inept screenwriter. Who through the use of black magic and police William Shakespeare's Ghost Rider Nice? I've definitely read like a short story. That's like a modern day. Version of that. Like twilight zone is one of those things I'd never really watched but like you recognize stuff from it obviously in like Black Mirror and stuff like that but also there was some short story. I read that was like reanimated created a is famous writers and then had them sort of spit out pages so basically like a head in a jar but like it's just a computer program that's writing all these stories and take credit for them anyway. That's a that's an aside. Yeah so yeah just quick little thing on that and I mean. They've mentioned that very recently. We've heard mention of the twilight zone and such but here we go there watching TV At their safehouse the envelopes are coming in. They're coming in light. Because you know people are kicking up to New York. No one knows. Who's fully in power? Here this is what the APP. They've always kind of been worried about if a war broke out And what they want to go see Silvio. But Tony makes an excuse. And even they're kind of like yeah. Yesterday was his gout So what Tony Afraid? He's afraid to leave or something. I guess that's what it is a doesn't wanNA leave without his. Fbi FBI guards like either meeting the FBI or having the FBI watch him. He's always carrying around this gun but I mean can you blame why would he? Why the fuck would he won't WanNa go see Silvio. It's more that like do you think you'd get more respect if he was like. Nah Fuck that. I'm laying low rather than just giving excuses to make. It seem like he doesn't you know care. I don't know. Yeah maybe you're also I guess just general like you know the discontents going to start regardless. Excuse me regardless. Because money's getting lighter you're fearing for your life and it's like you have to look to this guy and he's going to do something about it. How great is this next scene though where there's a tour bus talking about this once? Huge little Italy now shrunk to just one St and there's like actual tourism going on like I feel like it's not perfect way to reconnect to so many themes of like how you know this. This subculture is fetish is than everything. And they're like ooh like driving past where actual mom things are happening in the talking in the tour bus about all this and we can see it to when his name Bucci. Yeah but she's walking talking. I think and like at the end of it. He's like in Chinatown so he's walked out of little Italy just having a stroll has just a great way to reconnect with that. Yeah it's so great and I mean they kind of touch on it a little bit again. When Tony goes to see Janice and he's talking about how the cornfields used to be there and now it's like a bunch of mcmansions or whatever just the general whether it be a specifically Italian or Tony talking about coming in at the end or even just America in general like more so change in just how things are changing and yeah there we go and then fill in a chain. Okay Yeah I was GONNA say the substance of the scene as you know Phil is really mad that this isn't handled properly. And but she's the guy who's always been egging fill on and now he's Kinda like maybe. We should try to to squash this because it's getting a bit out of hand. It wasn't as quick thing we were hoping for is that maybe we can fix it and of course he's having none of that. Yeah No of course not in a you know. Hey you're breaking up. I like always calling him kid. Because it's like guess what she's not. What's kid school in? Yeah but yeah. It's so great where he looks confused as in Chinatown and he's like go back to my block. That is great and the next thing is the one you mentioned there where Tony Goes See Janice and she I was like Oh yeah. She's in that house. I love the opening where she's like canning have that. I got a snag husband or whatever need to watch my weight and she laughs. She's like you're the only one realize that was a joke. It's like this were were really weird but at least where we're together. Yeah Yeah we get it. And then they even bring up the under the boardwalk joke Kind of confirming. That Janice didn't really take too much offensive. Is that just the soprano way? I mean Bobby. Kinda got it because he did say you sopranos you take things too far Yeah then Kinda Nice Little Memory. I guess I like the Sopranos too because they're laughing about how I remember that fight. We had this another story. Rebel led by dead husband. The shit out those were the days and they're talking about where like what's GonNa Happen with the kids or whatever but yeah and he says you Tony says maybe bring Harpo here like a nuclear family or whatever I guess. He's being genuine here like every other time. He brings up harpo soccer blue where it's pretty rough. But I guess he kinda means it here and she says I not Harpo anymore changed to how which is such like such a Janna sling to do as well. Of course yeah. Yeah and and she's even she directly tries to say like all the Shit with Ma. I went to therapy. I put it behind me. But then she's showing Livia tenant tendencies because she immediately says thanks for it and just talk and she's talking about how she's not. GonNa let Sophia leave because of her baby daughter and she needs a older sister but she doesn't quite care about. Is Bobby Junior? I think like his son but then she's also kind of talking about. Maybe she wants to give it a go with both kids. Like she's definitely all over the place and it's it still feels like Livia Soprano and I mean as we see later with her going to see junior the old Janice didn't go away The Oh the Janice that was trying to find where Livia had buried. Her money is now maybe thinking junior who we did see not too long ago thinking that there was maybe money buried somewhere in his backyard. So everyone thinks that gene you're still has money stashed away potentially. Yeah but you had mentioned it again. It is so great when she says like therapy. I'm a good mother. I put them on all their warped. Chit Behind Me Toys. Like yeah good and then in the very next charges like not that I can thanks. It's just so great because we know Tony. We know Livia and all this so well yeah I just love it and on the way back to this beer truck or whatever that they keep driving around in gets a call from agent Harrison I was. I was surprised because Harris told the line always like he he did budget little bit. And tell them about you know him being endangered. But it's pretty different to say like this guy. You're trying to kill over here. She'd go for US. Pretty DIFFERENT. And like some other sexy. Fbi lady comes out and is all judgmental and has obviously heard what happened. So that's fun. Well I love that. It's because it's the implication. Is THAT AGENT. Harris used his nice bushy hairy chest and seduced my readers that he seduced this lady. Who's in the division to get information on Phil and then was able to call Tony as soon as she stepped away. Like I feel like he played. The seduction patterning was like seduced. The information out of her did it did it did solve for T my God. That's maybe exactly like is this the Brooklyn Contact Brooklyn. I'm almost positive that's what's happening here. That makes a lot of sense to me. And I'm trying to find there was some not about how like this is partially based on real life on like some trying to find it now like I said but some FBI agent who was given information to some mob fella and there was a whole like the line. That's later what is that. We might win this thing like. That's okay here. It is so chase included allusions to real life American mafia history. So the line damn. We're going to win this thing spoken by Harris after being informed filler. Tartus alludes to former. Fbi Supervisor Lindley Vecchio. I don't know if that's how you say it but he famously. Uttered this line after being told that. Lorenzo Larry Lamb posse had been shot to death in front of his Brooklyn home and was later charged for informing the mafia on various accounts and other parallel. Tony Soprano Agent Harris. Oh Wow yeah. I love that moment when when he's like. Yeah we're GONNA win this thing like but I kinda you almost get it. Because it's not so much that he's on the take like he's getting paid or anything like that it's just he's been embedded in this for so long that he does see Tony as a person and it's like this this weird byproduct and especially now that he's more disconnected from it. He's not on the side of we gotta get this guy. He's just on the side of like. Oh that's a guy I've known for ten years and I don't WanNa see anything bad happen to them. Yeah and uh going into his own wikipedia article there's the whole thing about like he worked with the FBI for a long time and did stuff like handled various FBI informant mob. But then like he..

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