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The app as usual intro towards me which is quite aggressive. What's going on. How does canada still extremely faulk man like people are just just the most ignorant people i've seen in my life. And did you hear about the residential school. Rosie of residential school is no. It's where they in the states had them but can't had a lot of them and it's the put essentially it's like were. The christians would keep native kids and force them to learn english and stray away from their true language in their true religion and and everything that they were brought up on so residential. School is when the the white man or the spaniards or whatever racist it is and that they would literally force them. Beat them if they didn't if they spoke their own language they would they would teach them based on our education so they pretty much brainwash them almost like alter type of stuff where they would like. Beat them in submission and and if they said something it's like they make a drinker on your own shit stuff like that what. It goes pretty episode about residential schools. Because it is extremely sad. And i've talked about since the beginning of this podcast. Because brantford where i used to live too big residential school. But they've discovered underneath one of these schools which i think they use later for just normal schooling and it was in bc they found two hundred and fifteen bodies and this is recently against these. Yes like like baby bones farc. So there's an outcry outrage on social media all over canada. I'm going to say i find it extremely funny. That people stuff comes out now. And then now people are reacting through social media and people that i personally know that would make jokes about indigenous people and now they're posting about it or like and they're they're like oh they get everything free and all the things a lot of people canadians. Do say about the divide between indigenous people and native americans and like just white people in canada black through anyone right because we have a big indigenous culture around where i live in a lot of places in canada and i saw people posting about this stuff when they didn't care until everyone else on social media cared and i always find that funny that people don't really care or want to do the research or look into this or stand up for things that are wrong until it's all over social media. I've been saying for years the way. They treated indigenous people when they came over here. And then the residential school isn't they brainwash them and put them through pretty much like a concentration camp issue of style of brainwashing. I just find it funny that now people are starting to wake up and walk and just remember this right if the government did that at one point in history why would you trust the government in general for anything well. It's always been like that..

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