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Mike. I got four questions for you, but I'm worried. Are you worried? What? Why? You worried you I'm afraid you won't answer the fourth question. Well, you let me say I rarely. I rarely listen to the show before I come on, But I happened to listen about an hour ago when there was a very subtle not so subtle shot across my bow. Regarding a coronavirus relief package and whether it contained funding for NFL teams. Yep, that have coaches that don't go for it on fourth town. Yeah, I just wondered how often prior to me coming on the show are insults thrown around like, you know, if you're a regular guest, and you're a valued regular guest, it's quite likely that that occurs every now and then. Because I do think that given the way that the covert relief bill is is you're gonna need cap space because you're gonna trade Aaron Rodgers with some deadman. And then you're gonna have to go get the show on Watts. And you cost too much money because your kids not ready. Who's your kid? We're love. Yeah, Love is not ready. But don't worry, Bra Jersey is going to be the quarterback for at least three more years, and we're interviewing a Browns defensive line coach for our new defensive coordinator. He's good, Chris. I don't want him to leave, but but Gallagher Congressman Gallagher, I'm worried. That if your prognostication about the Packers and Aaron Rodgers reflects your ability to get control of the emerging threats, the United States national Security that we are undefended. Well here, uh, fear not because just as the Packers are perennially Super Bowl contenders, America is never out of it, even when we face rising threats from China. And Russia and Salafi jihadist groups and the Iranian regime to last questions. Are you a Brady guy or your Mahomes guy going into Sunday? Mahomes guy, but it's it's attention because I have a tendency to root for the team that beats the Packers because it sort of softens the blow. It makes it feel like it was meant to be, But I hate Tom Brady and do not want him to win another Super Bowl. Well, he did go to Michigan. So there's that, But he is it is winning downgrades Bill Belichick, which is a good thing, I'm the other hand, if my homes when it proves that the Browns of the second best team and indeed would have been the best team, except for a miss call head to head tackle on Higgins. At the close of the first half. Not that I'm bitter. You sound very bitter. I'm with you on that call. My wife is a Michigan grad. So perhaps she'll be ready for Tom Brady. Okay, we won't. We will get you into further trouble. Talk to me about reconciliation last night, Joe Manchin goes on to Bret. Bear. By the way, Side side question. Do you watch special report with Brit Bear? Occasionally I do. I think it's the last news show in America. I really do. You know Democrats and Republicans. Come on. I don't know if Brett Baer votes Republican or Democrat, he just asked Good question. Matching comes on last night, he says, very reassuring thing. He's not going to screw with the bird roll. $15 minimum wage is not in there. We're gonna use reconciliation. But if it doesn't have bipartisan support, he's not voting for him. What do you make of that? Well, I think Senator Mansion is sincere. I had opportunity have dinner with him last night. And he's uh He's a very honest guy, and he is genuine when he talks about his dedication to bipartisanship that is a core issue. For him, and he very much wants to restore the bipartisan nature of Congress in general and the Senate in particular, and so I'm inclined to take him at his word. I think he feels very strongly about this and feels very strongly that the approach Divide administration is taking so early on here is the wrong approach. I mean, pushing through a nearly $2 trillion relief package with no Republican input, it seems like they completely dismissed the group of 10, Republican senators that engaged in good faith. Earlier this week, I think is the wrong approach, particularly since we don't yet know if the nearly the trillion dollars we spent recently has Been fully Spence right? We don't have a sense of what worked. What didn't work. I am I am on board, with the idea of providing more resource is for vaccine production and distribution. I think that is the best thing we can do not only to save lives but to get us out of this economic mess. But the fact is we have not spent the full trillion dollars that we passed about a month ago, and I think it would be reckless for us. To ram through. This purely partisan approach is gonna have a lot of things that are completely unconnected. Coronavirus relief in it that are purely progressive priorities. So I hope Senator Manchin continues this fight. It's interesting that we now have to Joe's in Washington, D C that effectively have Evita. Yeah, I read his and tell me if it's consistent with the dinner. He doesn't need 60 votes. He's all right with going with reconciliation, But he's not going to violate the bird rule and he needs Republicans on whatever goes in, so that's a double. So it's somewhere between The filibuster and a reconciliation. But it's got the guard rail to the bird rule. Meaning Don't bring your $15 minimum. A minimum wage. Don't bring D C. Statehood. We're not doing any of that kind of stuff. Do you expect there will be tax hikes, which would be ruinous with the economy as it is? I do. I guess I'm a bit. I'm getting a bit pessimistic about all this because I do think there's a sense within the Democratic party right now that this is really there on Lee opportunity. Go big or go home over the next two years. I mean, technically, they'll get two or three bites at the reconciliation. Apple if you look at how this might play out, but I think they feel like they have, you know, one or two big swings here..

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