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Can't have that, man. And like that Tyrian should have been like, John John, John. Joe totally on the same page. I know what I gotta do. Yeah. I mean, there's such so many better ways to play this, where I understand the tension, much, much more intuitively between John's honor and his duty here. And there's like none of that is there because Danny is so clearly a threat to everyone on this planet. Right. And if they had just told that story, a little bit more made her even slightly more sympathetic, or her motivation slightly more understandable. I think you could get there in the scene, and it becomes a much better seen. We'll also the whole like loves the death of duty. But they've really undermined the whole love plotline. They never had a love plow. They had they had one kind of hot boat sexing, and then it started to fall apart. So, you know, John is not the kid that was in season to the salt egret and, you know, they both kind of young love like he's a little bit more. He's been through that he's a little bit more mature there. Trying to say that. This is a great love. St John's reticence to bring Justice Danes because he loves her deeply they fucked that, and they undermine dad, if his reticence is just, well, you know, you could argue that she went over the line, but from her point of view, they failed on both those counts Danes actions would actions of a mad woman were completely inexcusable. And also John's not really that into her anymore. Yeah. If he was into her, she thought I don't think this, what happened because she would accept it that maybe people in west rose could learn to love her, but they told the opposite story. So what the fuck. I do think there's something kind of nice here in the writing, and I wanna point an hour, I can. Where essentially, I talked about this choice that tearing John with at the end of this, I think, in the next scene that choice become so important when Danny basically takes the choice out of everyone else's hands. I think at that point, John is assuming okay. We'll everyone's going to get a choice in this. Right. Everyone's going get say and we're gonna create this new world under Danny together. When Danny takes that away takes choice from everyone else. Now, the choice truly is on John and he has to decide one way or another, what he's gonna do here. And I think it's a nice moment in the dialogue before we leave the scene ago at the next one that's one of note that John was stripped of every single weapon, he had before he was able to visit tearing the prisoner. Yeah. Just just wanna point that out. Okay. Danny gets close enough to touch the iron throne but not sit in it before John arrives in the throne room..

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