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Will choose one local athlete in the DMV to be featured on -air and online for their contributions to their community and to their team. Visit wtop .com search player to nominate today. WTOP's player of the week program is sponsored by Main Street Bank. Bank where you breathe. M Street bank .com. This is WTOP news at WTOP. Security clearance applicants continue to be concerned that mental health struggles could upend their background investigation. That's the upshot from a new report released by Leidos this week on stigma misperceptions surrounding and mental health and the security clearance process. Federal News Network reports a Leidos survey found nearly 2 thirds of respondents say they were very or somewhat concerned about the role their mental health history could play in an investigation. Government officials say they've made a concerted effort in recent years individuals to that assure seeking mental health treatment is not by itself a disqualifier for security clearance. The D .C. Black Film Festival returns to Barracks Row in Southeast. the D It runs through .C. Black Film I think it's going to be like one of those things, Jason, where like D .C. comes out and represents and it's going to be loud in the theater and going it's to be packed. It's going to be fun. Founder Kevin Sampson invites you to watch a chocolate lens. Stephen Cummings takes a photographic journey through a disappearing black Washington into that gentrification over time. You'll also see Outside Line. It focuses on Raja Kuruth, who is one of the few black see the black car drivers. It's just a really fun documentary to watch. Jason Fraley, WTP News. The D C Black Film Fest runs through today at the Miracle Theater. Founder of conservative nonprofit Project Veritas is under investigation by a suburban prosecutor's New York office for allegedly mistreating workers and misspending organization funds. The Westchester County D A's office has confirmed it's looking into matters concerning James O 'Keefe, who was suspended from his job and later fired as chairman and CEO after the board said he spent what it calls an excessive amount of donor funds on personal luxuries. Sports at twenty five and fifty five powered by people and innovation forward. We're in week two of NFL preseason action. The commanders won't play until

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