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. For 28. Traffic and weather time and oh yeah, there's traffic here, Dave. Yeah, the traffic is barely moving outbound on suitland park where you don't want to commit to that from the Douglas bridge, south capital street, and I two 95. The outbound suitland Parkway is closed for the investigation into a serious crash, car hit a tree between branch avenue and silver hill road, but outbound traffic is diverted just beyond the D.C. Maryland line at naylor road, inbound traffic is unaffected on suitland Parkway. You can come inbound. D.C. two 95 May off the 11th street bridge to go northbound very slow traffic, the crash in northeast before eastern avenue is clear. The lanes are open. Maryland very heavy beltway traffic and on 95 and the BW Parkway between the beltways. Route 50 is not bad eastbound toward Annapolis and the bay bridge. Two 70 northbound, you're 28 Rockville, the crash should be clear. Outside of harpers ferry, long delays on three 40, both ways because of a crash between the West Virginia line and harpers ferry road. It involved a spill and drivers are being alternated by one direction at a time on three 40. I 81 northbound, not good at all in Hagerstown. It's been stopped near I 70 at the seat of a crash in Virginia, 66 eastbound after business two 34 manassas. There's something tying up a lane there. Can't see it. Westbound just volume delays, beltway volume delays. And incidents on shoulders and 95 southbound heavy out of Quantico through Stafford county, heavy summer traffic as well. Northbound rotting into woodbridge. Been a while since you've taken the bus or train, hop aboard and let nova's public transportation providers get you where you're going safely. Rediscover your ride at nova rides dot org.

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