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Slash Ben guest back to some of the myths that are being pervade. So one of the big ones that you've taken on is the myth that America has a deep seated rape culture, and I've always been sort of bewildered as to what exactly people mean when they say rape culture. Like is there some vast group of men out there who are very pro rape that I've been missing somehow and is there in fact some sort of rape culture that's happening on campus? What are the actual facts with regard to the idea that America is in the midst of a rape culture right now? Well, first of all, for them, a rape culture is a society that is supportive and encouraging of male predation and they would say that it just it's just ubiquitous in in films in songs and and they will point to a song like remember blurred lines and who you want to get. And so they take that. I know you want. I know you. You want and that that's rape culture. That's a man in intimating that you know no matter what she says, he it, but then you know, other people would point out that there were a lot of songs, even songs. I think even beyond say had a song that said that. And so it's never quite it doesn't, you know, I try to find this culture because to me, it looks like we're a culture properly so that his despises rapists there. I mean they are. They're they're with murderers and child molesters rapists the low lowest cycle of health. There's in. That's why it's very important to have due process because it's such a serious allegation because we have little tolerance. So I don't. And then look at American society and you look at the data and you see that all violent crime has gone down. No one knows quite why, but lots of theories but rape, sexual assault. It's down except on the campus when they do these. Studies that are flawed. So they, they have this, it's called advocacy research. You can prove anything if you rig the study and how do you get one in four? I'll tell you how you go to a college campus and you you administer maybe over online. You have a survey with some vaguely worded questions, and you ask them to a non-representative group of people, and then you know you can project into the whole school or the whole town or the whole world rape Pepe Temic. Now fortunately, we have very good statisticians in the Justice department, the bureau of Justice, statistics, they don't have an agenda. They just want to do good research and they do an annual crime survey. And for one time I think it was two thousand and ten they, they actually pulled out the data on campus and they found that they it. Nothing. Like one in four, they found more like I think one in fifty three. Now that is still. Hi, it's still a problem with got a binge drinking culture. We've got. You know, a lot of things going on could be improved and sexual harassment and assault is a problem, but it's not an epidemic. It's not the worst crisis. I mean, who would send a child who would send a girl to Stanford or Berkeley Harvard, if you know and people are lining up to get into who it's a child there, if there was a one in four chance that she was going to be victim of this serious sexual crime. So an people really believe it, but yet it's tot and it's, I think it's almost now a contagion of hysteria and you're getting more and more young women are just so frightened in. And I look at like swath Mawr, the girls are frightened of these swath wore these the these elite schools..

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