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Ferguson you bust in united yes you did. I hate my job by the way just so you know you know. I use the word you know. I use the word a lot which some people find irritating. So that's where. I got it from the word. But that's where that came from. I used to use that clip in the training cetera. My name is my neighbors turned. Ferguson eddie tells a will farrell. Acting as alex trebek's he hits the buzzer. he goes. Yeah what do you want is one more though so any software side and norm macdonald. How he was really a great guy. He did this eight minute. Roast of bob saga bob sag very Said that was it full house or whatever the show. I don't know. I always screw up pop culture. But bob sag america's funniest home videos face so norm was roasting And it's pretty funny eight minutes long lot of scripted jokes but at the end. There's an extemporaneous moment. This was norm macdonald with bob. Saggy showing you the softer side of the guy. Check this out. Seriousness verse comedian. That i ever saw perform when i was a boy. Live and I loved them. But one thing that bombs us as comedians were bitter and jealous and and we hate everyone else that has any success but honestly has never had an unkind word for anybody. And i love him. I hope everybody else does so. I just wanted to say that. Thank god rest. Your soul norm. Macdonald is really funny guy and probably so much joy and smiles like many others. Remember the name and please because he wouldn't have it any other way. He hates macab stuff. I imagine even looking down on us all now. Go look up the moth joke. Spend four minutes of your time. It's really funny. All right so quickly on the california recall obviously didn't turn out our way last night larry elder did not get in. Because the didn't matter because gal gavin newsom wasn't recalled question number one the nose outweighed the s.'s. Not recall looks like over sixty percent. You know folks. This is not the day to take a celebratory lap and tell people how california's lost then. Everybody needs to move. Listen you know. I'm a big believer in moving to red states. I've said thousand times but said he's not the day for that. They worked hard. Lot of people organized went out and knocked on a lot of doors. They did their best. And all i can say to. You is toque about thirty years before. New york realized they'd hit rock bottom. Many californians just haven't realised yet the conservatives libertarians and a lot of moderate democrats have. They didn't perform terribly mean. Romo's foreign ten people wanted to get rid of gavin newsom. That's a lot of people in a state with with tens of millions of people so biggest state in the union but today's a day to thank them for their efforts and to thank them for making that loser gavin..

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