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I just want to be 30 order if they get it at a broom within seven with 424 to go and we'll see if it's gate if it's no good i could just kissed the over goodbye this one is no good i'll he did get it wow look like it was no good buddy they're the reason to answer mr cameron think it was good there you go meanwhile pittsburgh a uh near touchdown antonio brown but the ball knocked away so they'll have a third leg ten inside red zone now as again they lead 16 to fourteen over tennessee so lot's going on celtics now with an eighty six eighty five lead and a rebound as along three missed by golden state so again keeping an eye on this game eighty six five boston leading it as they go down to the to fourteen mark and now golden state gets a missed boston shot and they go down your that twominute mark so good stuff going on radio sports ex radio we've got the threeyear ames on in front of us will keep an eye on this stuff as a roselawn and we'll get you those finals we know a lot of you driving around there don't want you to go to your cell phones i knew i find myself doing that and uh it's kinda hypocritical there 'cause i end the show no drinking and driving not texting and driving and i'm not texting but i am checking score at times also only at red lights yeah exactly and i mean uh that are sometimes i don't want to say just a red light so i'll say sometimes in a you're the guy on the city was a you're the guy on behind that's hawking out because all the other lanes are moving quickly where you're only hawking because you want to know the score tops in at least if you checking eight kenya delay of back here so i don't have to go to my cell phone uh but look on a cell phone dni of the icao gavel yeah yeah you can use you're edited the microphone and you just say only the steelers titans and the voice can come up and score very well for them i love to work on that india i'm one of those guys it has no clue have two things that i could do on that iphone on.

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