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Ninety two one so philly's station online on and on your radio on the fcc today said to start unraveling rules to ensure net neutrality net neutrality rules that were imposed under the obama administration have prevented internet service providers from blocking or prioritizing content or slowing down the speed with which some internet content reaches you could exceed net neutrality is anticompetitive and the current fcc chairman says he believes the rules give the fcc what he calls a roving mandate to micromanage the internet with only one democrat now on the commission the net neutrality rigs are widely expected to go jan johnson washington he would have beatings time won twenty five it is time for the business report joan doniger from bloomberg business it's not a big rebound investors however are keeping the stock average's in positive territory right now the dow is up twelve points the nasdaq twenty four that's up about a half percent the s p three strategists say the data on regional manufacturing released today as well as a near record low in firsttime jobless claims point to firm economic growth in texas here's are winning the day some strategists crediting bargainhunters after the worst sell off of the year but it's the two and a half percent gain and walmart shares that leads the dow after the company posted its fastest ecommerce growth in five years last quarter investors were also impressed by the fact that earnings samestore sales meet analysts targets ibm as a pioneer of the move to work from home but now the company's giving thousands of workers in the us a choice come back to the office or leave the wall street journal says ibm thinks the move will improve collaboration and the pace of work i'm joan doniger bloomberg business for kyw newsradio business always twenty five fifty five after every hour kyw news time on twenty seven during piazza honda's perfect record sales event you can lease the two thousand seventeen accord lx sedan with automatic for just sixty eight dollars a month what say that again sixty.

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