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We get to the headline almost as if the writer here Amy's Zimmerman, she's like, don't come at me. Let me give you all my let me check every box. Co. everybody who's a racist homophobic. Solloway right virtue signal. I'm on your side. Get that check every boxed. Don't come at me bro. Text, and then there's journalism is magically not at all submitted in your career. A column with is suggested headline and five paragraphs in you had not actually addressed. What is the suggested headline. What would have happened. I would have been told I was bad. Yes, I want to give her the most benefited out even if you're writing for a leftist publication and the angle here is and it's a good angle. That's the angle we're going after. We're not used to seeing this sort of rhetoric from the left. We usually see this from the right. So even have a couple of sentences of connective tissue that talk about some of these things from your point of view. I think we would get grant some journalistic, you know, flexibility there in order to create a compelling angle, right? You don't need five paragraphs. That's not that's not connective tissue, that is that's body armor that is wrapping yourself in Perot clutching and political correctness, almost as if you are almost to send the message that you are. Sorry, you have to say what you are about to start saying in paragraphs. Six. That's all I took it anyway. So now we go to paragraph six, and this is the actual story. So when the CW announced that they were looking for an out actress for those of you. The don't know what that means. Someone who is openly homosexual. They were looking for an out actress to play a lesbian bat woman in a new TV show the first gay superhero to headline alive action series. You could see the backlash coming from a mile away. The description of the character read like a mash up of crap that neo-nazis don't like armed with a passion for social Justice in a flair for speaking her mind, Kate Kane sores onto the streets of Gotham as bad woman and outlets Byan highly trained streetfighter prime to snuff out the failing cities, criminal resurgence. The sneering Breitbart bog post basically writes it self, which is ironic because who's the guy Breitbart often credited for making a national name. President Trump other than Trump who else. Who am I thinking of toss Veritas, James O'Keefe now keep going come. There's so many more obvious than that. Milo. Oh, yeah. So many things that go. But yes, don't get gayer than Milo for goodness, sakes loss to CR, a not crtv lost a CPAC speaking engagement for advocating for pederasty, which is the ancient practice of homosexual men, shepherding teen boys into into full fledged adult homosexuality. I forgot that he was invited to see pack. That's sad. Yes. Confirmed. Shockingly though the daily says, the backlash to ruby roses recently announced casting appears to actually becoming from inside the house from fans who seem to love the idea of an out actress playing Kate Kane, but want more from their trail-blazing lesbian superhero. According to deadline. Bat woman was revived in two thousand six is a Jewish lesbian. The first lesbian title character in the DC universe back in may. It was announced the bat woman would appear in the upcoming CW aero. Verse crossover event then came the news that Kate Kane would likely follow up that appearance with their own TV show. Executive produced by the people that brought you the vampire diaries last week, ruby rose celebrated or casting and Instagram post writing. This is something I would have died to have seen on TV when I was a young member of the LGBT community who never felt represented on TV and felt alone and different while you represented now. 'cause you're every third character. But just two days after the announcement rose quit Twitter in a series of tweets that appeared to call out critiques from the from the queer community, including misguided allegations that the gender fluid actor is not really a lesbian. In the now deleted message rose wrote, where on earth did ruby is not a lesbian, therefore she can't be bat. Women come from has to be the funniest. Most ridiculous thing I've ever read. I came out at twelve half for the past five years to deal with. She's to gay. How do y'all flip it like that? I didn't change. I wish we would all support each other and our journeys..

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