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Thank you so much. Heather Heather. Thank you for having me. We're really excited to be a part of such a special cause, and I have been excited. Listening. I know that you exceeded your at that 3900. And now reaching nearly 4500 is incredible. Yeah, We're so excited. Well, Heather, you know, one of the things we want to know from you is why why you decided to be a matching sponsor? Of Project down and dirty, But before we get to that, why don't we tell the listeners what Livia is? They may have heard the name but might not know. Well, we are a weight management company. So we're comprised of registered dietitians and nutritionists, and we provide one on one that customized support and certainly, you know, as we all can relate to. It's been a difficult year. So we extend additional support and resource is and make sure that we're really just helping people. Make healthy choices not just to lose weight, but to keep the weight off Long term. Yes, And why was it important for you? And for Livia to be a part of project down and dirties? Ah classic radio drama this year. Well, like this particular project. I know that you've been advocating for this for over 10 years and Livia only another name. We rebranded just last year. We've been part of the Minnesota and Wisconsin communities for over 10 years and part of our core values is really contributing to our community and making a difference. Certainly you know, through education, resources and support, But when opportunities like he's come up, and certainly you know, clean you talked about, you know, kids being hungry and going to bed, You know, not having proper nutrition. I mean, the idea of that just doesn't sit right. So if there's anything that we can do it really Extend ourselves and make a difference. That's really what our core values are in. And essentially what our brand promises. Yeah, and I do love you know that marriage of you know what you just said about the proper nutrition. That is a focus that you have at Livia, but also a focus that they have at every meal where it's not just about, you know, giving, you know, giving calories. It's about giving well balanced meals that's nutritious and delicious. It helps young people the youngest among us be able to focus and learn and be and be kids. And so so I just see this is a really great kind of marriage. And I'm so glad that you at Livia have stepped up to help us raise money. Well, thank you for saying it feels good honestly, that that you want to be able to do something and that it truly can make a difference. And like you just said education is, you know as a mom, you know, those are difficult things on a daily basis that we're juggling two. So to think that our kids You know, don't have the proper nutrition, and that's just one more thing that they have to be concerned about. So we just want to limit the worry right when I all do what we can and do what we can to make a difference. So We're happy to do it. So Heather for the listener who hasn't made a contribution yet, given your best pitch, Why should they get off their Fannies and make a contribution on behalf of not only this moment for Livia, but for team calling and Bradley Well, I think it's easy to say is that you know, I think that you'll be able to put your fellow at the end of the day and just know that you made a difference. And that it it goes beyond just, you know, getting through that day, but know that you're extending your resource is your support to other families and kids and need for their girl within their development. Whether we want to just thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts for helping support us in this in this effort to raise money and supporting every meal in making sure that those Children's and families have been fed and thank you for the work you do, and and we're just We're so grateful for your generosity. Heather. Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. Good luck. You have, er that was Heather from Livia. You can find out more about them. Think you on the website of my talk one of 71 dot com which you should be out anyway, because you're navigating yourself over there to the project down in dirty page. So that you condone eight yourself. What guys? My gosh, we are currently over our first goal that is forty five hundred $2. Raised by 88 lovely my talk one of 71 team Cobra listeners. That means we're only $498 away in the remaining 19 minutes from our $5000 goal for this show, I guarantee you at the start of the show. We would have thought it was a huge stretch to think we could get all the way to $5000 by the end of today. This is on ly the only time of year that we're going to have a project down and dirty. This is the only time of year that we're going to consistently ask you for an opportunity to make a contribution to every meal. So this is the moment And if you can get us over that $5000 gold By the end of the show, we would Put our heads on our pillows tonight. Feeling like we had done ourselves on by that? I mean a lot more people will, you know? Way less fortunate than we are some good work today. Absolutely, you know, Should we give the people what they want? Just as there is a sort of a reward, a gesture of thanks. Well, I think you know what they want. Bradley. There's one segment that we've been doing on this show since the inception of our show, and that is a favorite of many my talk listeners. We have had T shirts made devoted to this particular segment. Should we give him just one? Just one today? Well, let's do it a little crazy, Stupid idiot. Well, then,.

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