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Kevin Brennan at 13 brings to the Subaru retailers of New England all we'll try traffic on the threes to us. We've had some crashes this midday. And what's the latest out there right now, while we're still dealing with the situation northbound inside the O Neill tunnel here, 93 north. We got a vehicle that was towing some sort of smaller trailer there. That trailer came detached and rolled over in the left lane. So North found inside the O Neill tunnel here. Watch out. The got the left lane closed to deal with that situation. Delays, though. North bound here all the way back to Columbia Road South found you're looking pretty good. All the way down to the Braintree Split 24 South found you got brake lights approaching roadwork after Route 93 Here in Randolph, Route three southbound slowdowns getting into that Derby street lane drop in root three north bound to become our normal delays here. From Route 53 in Hanover. Up past the Derby Street Down in rain Ham 4 95 Southbound, still slow for about two miles approaching route 1 38 that's exit 22 here and rain. Ham. Due to the remnants of an earlier vehicle fire still in the breakdown lane here, But all travel lanes are now open. Just be careful getting by that. And you do have some slowdowns again back about two miles. Kevin Brennan. WB's ease traffic on the threes. Brimfield fares back, though that's nice. I'm sure there's going to be a lot of traffic around that. But there we have it. So no complaints in the Weather Department for today, Except for that it's today. Would've been nice over the Labor Day weekend. But.

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