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Letters. Which is well known for carrying two things across plated pistol under his jacket and wads of cash in his boots. He also has a pension for Mercedes Benzes. Which is working the crowd when Marie and Sharon arrive, and he spots them as they move through the bar. It was hard not to. They are the kind of beautiful that draws stairs when they walk into a room. Both are twenty five years old slender with fine features and dramatic cheekbones. They move gracefully and their ambitions. They're just starting to break into south. Florida's burgeoning fashion, modeling and entertainment scene. Sharon had dedicated the years after high school to preparing for the entertainment career. She dreamed of sculpting her body taking acting and dancing classes. She had scored roles in several music videos shot in south beach. One of them was rapper, heavy D's girls. They love me. Relied studied fashion design and dreamed of making it big in the south beach fashion industry. She had coordinated fashion showcases around south Florida. She juggled her budding career with being a single mother of toddler. Butch Casey makes his way over to marine Sharon and the three spent some time talking. He flirts with them, has a plate of Rockefeller sent over on the house as dawn start to break and the club is closing down. Butch invites the two women back to his house in the quiet suburb of Miramar a few miles away. They arrived shortly after six thirty right around sunrise and Butch gives them a tour of the place. He's in fine form tonight. Entertaining his guests. Attentively the impromptu little party goes on. Within an hour. All three are dead. Brutalized and shot in their heads at close range. What happened over that? Our Butch Casey's house is hardly a mystery. In fact, we know second by second detail about the movements of Butch Casey and the others who were there. It's what makes this case now known as the Casey's Nickelodeon murders. So remarkable. To listen to the rest of this in the second episode, fine. Polonius Florida on apple podcasts, wherever you're listening to this or find the link in the show notes that will take you there.

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