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Business. Global stocks are mixed this morning. U. S stock futures moving higher investors waiting the minutes of the Federal Reserve's latest meeting. And now w g n traffic. Here's Vicki couldn't good morning a little bit more congestion building across the board on your expressways and to always on the inbound. Kennedy backed up from the Cumberland to about Irving Park and then again from division into the burn half an hour from O'Hare to downtown. The Stevenson also backed up from La Grange to Pulaski and just getting onto that inbound in Ryan. Ramp 38 minutes from 3 55 to lakeshore drive. Also some police activity. Monterey is closed between Homewood and Vince ends That's at the 22nd district. Headquarters will have more on that. I'm Vicky Cocu's BMW GM Traffic Central. We begin with that breaking news this morning shooting on the south side of Chicago involving three law enforcement agents. We believed all three of those agents have been shot in the situation that happened. We believe, perhaps outside of the Morgan Park District Police station that's the 1900 block of West Monterey Avenue. There may be a connected seen on my 57 near 119th Street. It's unclear though, yet exactly what happened here. We do know. Two of those officers were taken to Christ Hospital. One was being treated in an ambulance again. Three law enforcement officers shot on the south side of Chicago in the Morgan Park neighborhood. Also developing news out of Haiti this morning. The president of Haiti has been assassinated. The Haiti government says President Juvenal Moses.

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