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Like when italy thing there's money coming in the door and their customers that you're gonna say hey higher me as a consultant what i'm trying to get this thing off the ground because the rain in the beginning getting it off the ground is really administrative so people need to kinda you can pursue your passion but like i said fine met mom who can help you were that person who can help you are do this on the weekends because the beginning part of getting any company off the ground is largely administrative whether illingworth setting up your website writing your bio filing your incorporation papers writing your business plan its sole heavily administrative lie if you can delegate that or just get that done you know while you kind of have that money coming in before customers come in that's would be that would be my advice right so another that i often here as it relates to working in doing business on the side is that it's important to maintain the separation of church and state where you're keeping your business activities on the low so that you don't create any unnecessary friction in office what with you in the face of tgi in that had to be difficult because even if you wanted to keep it on allow you could win so did you share the news with your company right away that this was something that you were doing it on their own they discovered it on their own people economy and just change the subject of like yeah that's something i do buy up this contract over here i'm really all over at limitation of liability like we're going to need to carve out exwigan z from up the limitation of liability that was always like that anytime anyone tried to talk about in the workplace i didn't really entertaining except at the very end when i knew i was leading.

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