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To 22 gallons. W BBM News Time Age of 38. It's time for traffic and weather together on the H trade. Erickson traffic staying busy tonight, and L must have got the intersection of the Lake and Grand Boulevard pretty slow both roadways approaching that intersection because of a crash in Lombard. We've got Westmore Myers Road, north bound lanes slow at ST Charles due to a crash as well. Police activity going on West Garfield Park That's Jackson blocked it. Kilborn just east of Costner. They're pretty heavy in that area. And in Inglewood, the intersection of 63rd and Stuart slow That's due to a crash as well. Let's get to the Express, please. Eden's looks just fine. You're Kennedy. Some pockets in from about Harlem, just a couple of pockets on your way in and 26 minutes from here to downtown. 13 from the injunction. There's um Robert set up in the right lane between Nagel and Central causing that first delay or first spotted the weight. The Eisenhower in and out looks pretty decent. The end outside slow purchase the British chase kind of usual delayed 31 in from 3 90 Stevenson. No problems to be found The Dan Ryan out pounds clear to 90 50 and bounced from Stevenson of Roosevelt. That's with roadwork in the right lane in 19 for that, even the downtown Hi 57 inbound, unusual delay, but 127th into 119th slow because of roadwork in that right lane. That's overnight stuff set up is well and 17 minutes Variety to get to the Ryan. The bishop. For it is all clear now and all is pretty much well in northwest India and the expressly It's always make that look pretty darn good to your next traffic report at 8 48 on NewsRadio. 7 80 What 05 point out of w bbmak you whether it is going to turn out cooler tonight's under a mainly clear sky will be a bit breezy, too low down to 57..

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