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For life. Yeah back with no dunks. Big numbers here in the street team today. People were fired up about that game last night. But let's get to the other conference finals. Which tips off tonight. The hawks battle the bucks in game one each team coming into the series off a game seven road. Victory in the previous round hawks of course went into philly. Took down seventy sixers while the bucks went to brooklyn and pulled out that overtime win over katie and the net. So let's break it down keys to the series and then we'll get to predictions. Trae guinness started hawks bucks. What are you watching. I think john collins has been the unsung hero of the hawks. Playoff run here. Had a great quote to chris kirschner at the athletic john. Collins said these are meaningful moments right. Now i'm proven i can win here. Everything i'm doing on. The court is just as valuable as showing. I can get twenty or twenty five points per game and i gotta agree with them. John collins was twenty and ten guy we had him as a potential first time all star. I think before last season. Obviously that didn't happen. There was a little bit of drama this season with like getting on the same page with trae young but in the playoffs john collins has remade himself just basically as a defensive guy as a as a pest to the opponents his defense on julius randle. I thought was huge in that series. His defense on tobias harris was huge against the sixers but now john collins is probably going to be honest. i would have to imagine with quinn cappella sticking brooke. Lopez's this is gonna sound ridiculous. But i mean it as a positive. I think john collins can hold. Yana kubo the thirty two and thirteen. And that would be huge basically just battle hymn. Make it hard and put you on us on the line when necessary. That's basically what blake griffin. Did he played with a lot of effort. On a lot of physicality those are both things that collins has done really well in the playoffs. So far i mean you're not going to slow down honest he's gonna produce but if collins is good enough against the honest that the hawks don't have to double all the time and they're not giving up easy three pointers. Something that could be a major disadvantage. Going against janas can just be a small inconvenience if you will if you're able to guard him almost straight up. That would be huge for the hawks to not have to devote other resources to try and slow down inside. Yeah it's a good call. He's been great. John collins for sure i feel like a lot of the keys to the series here. Correct me if i'm wrong are going to be. Maybe from the hawks side of things being the underdog like what has to happen for them to pull off. Maybe another upset here over. The bucks are who are the heavy favorite so lee. What's your key series or an x factor where you're going well with both don bogdonovich because he's the lightest update on him. He a. he's a game. Time decision tonight so i do expect him to play because he's pain in that same boat now for the last three or four games as he was against the Sixes in that second round. And i think you only have to look at the last three games to see that. He clearly was affect that he might. One of these lost sixteen three point attempts and he just wasn't moving out there. He basically sat on the bench. I think in the second half of game seven. He's not shooting the bulwell and that's a clear sign when you dine. Have your legs underneath you. That the something wrong so hopefully. He's had a little bit of extra time he'd arrest because he's so important to them as another guy who can shoot the ball to to hit those three. They need him firing threes. He was great against the knicks. Early against the sixers. And i need him and he'll also defensively he's a bigger guy than you think he's. He's actually he's a bad six. He's sort of feels like he's a little bit smaller than that but he's he's just really important. I think to what the What the hawks have to do and if he can't go then they're already down the andre hunter in already dan cameron at you has had been on the team at all in the playoffs. So they've tried. Kevin in the starting lineup might have to go to solomon hill back into the time. Starting lineup which is just because of size reasons. You don't think he's going to go with nari night mcmillan to start him. So i'm guessing that's who they would go to if none of it's kind of guy but if he's backing these fresh healthy then. That's a huge thing for the hawks because He can he can handle the rock a bit but also when he gets going. He's a very very important score for them so hopefully feeling good and hopefully he's feeling better in is good to go to and he's a fun. Little narrative twists there to have been signed by the box. It looked like he was going there. And then the tampering and cost pick and all that and find his way to atlanta. So that would be you know if the hawks were to pull this off and he played well insult to injury to milwaukee if they somehow got put by the guy that they actually had on their team in bogdonovich. What about you task. What's a key to the series. Well i think the coaching is monstrous. Mainly from nate mcmillan sign psychos. You know the playoffs are all about matchups baby name. Mcdonald's gotta push so many of the right buttons because they are the underdog and they have to find a way to get the upper hand. This is going to be the series. They probably missed the andrea hunter came radish have been upgraded to questionable. Maybe he gets inserted. But that's sort of where. I'm worried that small forward spot because pg tucker pat content is worth trae. Young is gonna hide. He's gonna they're gonna start. Pj tucker maybe impact to trayvon's going to hide there. But then chris middleton is a big problem for the hawks kevin herder on him he could. He could really hurt him or did bring back. Solomon hill for kevin herder. I'm not sure. Do you put bogdan bogdonovich jonah. But then who takes drew. I mean that's there's some perimeter problems there. What happens to clint cappella. If he gets into foul trouble guarding yannis. I mean what do you do john collins the same thing on the congo. We're going to be out there. Is he gonna play minutes as he can be able to stop. Janice i think they just don't have really good match. Ups i think from the other side for but his main question is do i start tucker. He doesn't really have anyone to guard. I think the hawks are just so undermanned..

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