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The ridge of fire? Yeah. All the Andes are all volcanic. Science teammate the up and coming Sebastian Loeb won his first driver's championship that year. And leaned on signs for help all season long. Specifically crediting science expertise in tires as a reason for his victory. Signs retired at the end of 2004, but would return to Citroen twice the following year to fill in for a faltering driver. He took fourth and third place after his retirement, which is pretty cool to just come back and be like, I still got it, boys. That's pretty awesome. Signs remains one of the most respected WRC drivers to this day. He wasn't the flashy driver, and he wasn't the most quotable guy around, but his teammates and contemporaries remember him for his hard work, his patients and his determination. Malcolm Wilson signs a teammate at Ford described signs of the type of guy who would show up at 8 in the morning and stay until four or 5 the following morning. Whatever was necessary. Oh, my God. Mark Marty, co driver to Carlos from 2003 to 2005, said quote, you could receive a call from Carlos on Sunday or Saturday or on Christmas. You never know. But you must be ready to answer the questions about the setting, the notes about the stages about everything. Even on Christmas, Joe, you could be opening presents with your kids and he's going to call you up and be like, hey, wait, what was the rebound we had set on the rear of the car? I'd be like, I don't know, man. I'm in my PJs. I'm making nog. Luis moya thinks signs commitment to staying physically fit was a big part of his success. Drivers today do a lot of physical training outside of the racetrack, but it wasn't the norm back in science day. Carlos was always active and good at almost everything he did. Moya described moya described signs his competitive nature, quote he is good at everything, running, biking. He has to be the best, and that respect, you kind of hate people like that. Every time you play something, he was always good. He had to win anything he would do. And he had the ability ever since he was born. We have a lot of these type of people at donut, like Canaan or job. Impossible to beat them at anything. And if you do beat them, you can see this thing in their eyes where it's like, this is not over. And then next time you do it, they're ten times better. They're like, I've been practicing for three weeks. I bought all the gear, dude. Job is such a gear head. If he gets into any sport, you know, he's buying the best of the best. Yeah. We are so lucky that job isn't good at guitar. But his sister is amazing. His sister has a single on Spotify. What? Look up Riley job. It's really good. And it bugs me that that family is so good at everything. The jobs are good at everything. Yeah. But yeah, if Zach was good at guitar, it would just be over for everybody. He's handsome. He can do like Trey flips, constantly. He can golf really well. He's so good at golfing. He can build cool stuff. Put shredding on top of that. I know. I think I'm still better at disc golf than he is. So I'm holding on to that. We'll be right back with more of this story, but first, a word from our sponsors. By now, you've probably heard all about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. You might even already be investing in them. But did you know you could invest in cryptocurrencies through your retirement account? That's right, with I trust capital, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with a crypto IRA, get all the same tax advantages as the traditional IRA. I trust capital allows you to invest in over two dozen of the most popular cryptocurrencies, and unlike the stock market, you can buy and sell 24 hours a day. The I trust capital platform is easy to use and it only takes a few minutes to create your account. Setting up an IRA is free and I trust fees are low. It's time to start taking control of your financial future. With I trust capital, you can get all the tax benefits of a retirement account while investing in crypto. Look,.

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