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I feel that overwhelming emotion to say thank you these people that saves new york from the break and save new yorkers and so now we're in a time where we've made it through new yorkers are so hard and so strong were largely vaccinated which is so wonderful and now i'm excited to see new york comeback so much. A part of it for me is having broadway. Come back and i find it synonymous with with having new york comeback. So i'm excited. That work is slowly coming back for us that we're seeing each other in person that my son will return classroom. Please go back to school. And hopefully new york will will come back better better than ever. And because i believe in new yorker. So much i know the talking about broadway the gala that you hosted the roundabout gala. Yes that was amazing. You were up there for like an hour doing your thing right. But the idea was. Broadway is the symbol of new york city for a lotta people. It's the energy life. It's the creativity of people all over the world. How excited are you to see broadway. Come back this fall. But that night and particularly was It was a gala for the roundabout theatre company. Which is a sort of. I call like my my hometown family theater company in the city. 'cause i've done so many four broadway shows for them and i think the mess my hometown new york theater company and it was. It was a magical night. It was the first time we could be out. We were out in central park one of the most beautiful parts of the world. They built an a beautiful stage. I was singing with new york city. Pops my friend. Titus burgess came and sang many songs of the tina fey introduced me. Alec baldwin made a cameo on the first number adrienne. Warren also did it with me so everybody likes said yes and that made me so thankful for to my really talented amazing friends that they all said yes and showed up..

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