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This episode was reported by jean one thousand one edited by marlin bishop that usa team includes the charity and the risk of antonia say he don't maggie freely genesee moga and say you're curiel production help this week from ashley click also from wbz and cullen ashby bobbitt in chicago our engineers are gene stephanie the bow our senior production manager is net field hearts are fellows are mike web and just healer hundred cottrill our intern is reese williams our theme music was composed by saying it who knows if you like the music you heard on this episode stop by let the usa dot org and check out our weekly spotify playlist i'm your host and executive producer john pulsa join us again next time in the meantime look for us on all of your social media that's that brooks show let's he no usa is made possible in part by the john d and catherine t macarthur foundation the new york women's foundation funding women leaders that build solutions in their communities and celebrating thirty years of radical generosity and the ford foundation working with visionaries on the frontlines of social change worldwide so is it alaska or alaska sweetie you just said alaska in spanish i'm mighty wholesome next time on that new usa in the nineteen ninety s four lesbian women in texas are falsely accused of abusing children and then when i was on the stand and the prosecutors started badgering me about your lesbian and you did this i couldn't believe everything that they were saying the story of the senatorial four next time on that the usa.

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