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Wanted to watch the most and there was a love kirk. Did you try to get mr rogers on saturday night. Live with fact with he didn't want it. Mr rogers to air more so there is no way on earth that he was accepted. Invitation to come through the show. So i never made the offer. He was really supportive. Wasn't just ended there and it's great to talk to you as always hope you're doing well my best to Susan and the family and thank you again to. You're welcome. Thank you stick or saw. Tv executive senior adviser for nbc universal sports the olympics. Former chairman of nbc. Sports once my boss there at nbc one of those where when he holds court and he's got a lot of stories to tell a lot of stories to tell but going back and you know police said. Do you realize cost didn't know that. Muhammad ali is going to light the torch and i can't imagine that bob being the perfectionist that he is would allow that to happen without at least having a sense of the magnitude of this. But you know what dick ebersol was trying to do is he wanted it to be a secret. And he wanted that. The announcers to have the same reaction and police done this to me before he goes. Look if i find out something do you wanna know it or would you rather react normally or naturally and i and i said it really depends. I wanna make sure that. I if i can add something to it or i need to do research to add something to it. Yep on one that stands out about whatever the year was that brett farve retired from the packers or left the packers. Jay glazer called in text in and said i've got a bomb. I've got a monster. And we put on. Hold and i told you to put john without you knowing what j. had report and so when you heard jay glazer say brett. Farve is going to announce his retirement tomorrow. You heard at the same time ever all our listeners. Did i thought it was a cool. That way yeah. But if i'm hosting the olympics. I would like to know a little bit more but i mean bob is such a professional indican. Rest his soul. You know you've got the the over the top reaction from dick berg with the. Oh my and bob giving you the backdrop on mohammed ali and the fact that he's up there and when you realize he's shaking because he has parkinson's i worry even i'm watching it. I know how it ends. And he can only use one hand and those flames are coming up his forearm but he had he had created such goodwill by nineteen. Ninety-six that if you would have said to him in nineteen sixty eight or sixty nine or seventy one day. You're going to light. The olympic torch the flame. The cauldron probably would have said. You're crazy because i think when ali got back from winning the gold medal in rome he threw medal into the river in louisville and i think there was a racial situation in rome and he had won the gold medal when he came home and he he threw gold medal away. Let's take a break Hope you enjoyed. That might have been a little bit out of left field. But just remembering that back. And also eddie murphy if you wanna talk about going from zero to sixty in in when people become a overnight sensation eddie. Murphy became an overnight sensation like a true overnight sensation. He went zero to sixty zero to and he might have started in october. And by december is on magazine covers. He was that big a deal back.

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