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Some help is on the way for the newly unemployed workers laid off Monday at by you steal as we hear from WWL T. V.'s jade Cunningham I always had a workforce commission will set up a site today to help by you steel workers who need to find jobs it's going to set up at the American job center office on west airline highway in the plaza. new information is emerging regarding president trump's phone call with Ukraine's president over the summer and that's now at the center of the impeachment inquiry on Monday house Democrats subpoenaed president trump's personal attorney Rudolph Giuliani CBS news legal contributor Rebecca raphe has more on how guiliani could possibly refused to turn over any documents to Congress it is acting as an attorney for the president then he can refuse to produce these documents not under executive privilege but under attorney client privilege now the problem with that is what exactly what work here in the Ukraine is really legal work possibly if it's fact investigation it would count as legal work but it's a little bit complex is it a bad idea to loan friends or family money W. W. els Jim hands reports that according to Bankrate dot com nearly fifty percent of those who lent money reported either losing that money or experiencing a damaged relationship with the borrower don't lend money to family and friends and don't even cosign for them according to Ted Ross been analyst with bank rate that may sound harsh but this advice is actually rooted in the data which is that about half the time something goes wrong Crossman says it's really a bad idea to mix money with friends or family he also said the data showed that thirty seven percent of people who let their credit card to someone had something bad happened he says it could make for a rather awkward situation at let's say thanksgiving dinner between you and that person. checking Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average is down two hundred fifteen points the nasdaq is also down forty three points and oil is down fifteen cents at fifty four dollars eighty fifty three dollars eighty eight cents a barrel. here's Marc Minard with W. W. L. sports this saints update is brought to you by Miller lite official beer of the saints it's Miller time when the saints signed linebacker tomorrow Davis in free agency last offseason their timing couldn't be better since linebackers coach my goals as Davis was primed for a breakout I think that we got him in the kind of the prime of his career to be honest with you I know is it you was we got humor about a seventh grade season but he you know he learned a lot over the years he he did an outstanding job Davis is the one of the stars the past two seasons on a fierce Florida Lee D. the black and gold at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Superdome this Sunday at noon I let you get back to action Saturday after having last weekend off because endorse Ross as this week's opponent Utah state plays an up tempo offense like the Tigers as they like to get off a bunch of snaps in a short period it offers a what we call war shriek solo practice of war our second year will practice for free to guess offers Europe. I will put the best players in the best position that we can't assimilate what they have for offense nobody would do a pretty good job of eleven a and took off in Death Valley hi Marc minore W. W. all sports. and today on sports talk with Bobby a there and Christian Gerrick ones the saints offensive line having so many penalty issues and what makes the saints D. so good at seven o'clock it's the same tower featuring all pro.

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