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Sex and drugs and Bo came bro. He's old, my brain and body need sex and drugs and rock and roll Do is tomorrow Thursday afternoon 52 degrees here in Santa Fe. When you get in touch with me Richard at Santa fe dot com one to be guest If you're ready for CT number one You want to be on too many male, Richard at Santa fe dot com. Paul Gibson joins us now from retake our democracy. I said we're gonna talk about The zoom and meetings. He's hand but I think I think I'd rather talk about the 62 points that Steph Curry through in nine recently. Uh, a career high a career record for Mr Curry. Oh, yeah, They're they're you know, they're gonna be okay. This year. I think I think you're gonna be okay. James Harden, moving to the Brooklyn Nets. What do you think about that? Um I think there's too many egos and that room. I don't look at that going well for them. Okay? Re and Katie. All right, Mr Gibson. Let's sell it for to my son on that my, my youngest son because she tracks everything. Nanba. He's an and he's a hoops fan, huh? Yeah. Okay. He's my son. Okay. Alright. He's your son. He has to be a hoof in and warriors. Them, Uh, Paul. Nice share that that love of the Golden State. Worse. All right, Retek, her democracy, Senor Real quickly is what Um, it's a fire one C four all volunteer organization that Basically our purpose is try and make it as easy as possible for people in the community statewide to keep informed, engaged in all, and so we offer tools, Log radio show. Zoom in ours. We just did a zoom special speaker eat off. We're gonna do one with Senator worth at five o'clock, all kinds of stuff like that. We got a whole raft of bills that were supporting or the 2021 Legislature and we'll talk to you a bit about that. We'll probably talked again assed we get into the session. Good. All right, Uh, people have to do what they have to sign over their firstborn or do ah, Blood oath or what Tonto to join, and maybe zoom in with Senate Majority Leader Peter Word tonight. No, it's it's a lot easier than that. You can just go to retake our democracy dot ord and on the right there, But there's a button to sign up for the blogged. If you click that one. You'll go directly to the option of signing up for the blogger or the alerts over both, and the alerts go out every day, basically during the legislative session. Telling people whenever one of the bills were supporting is going to go before committee. We send our folks. The bill summaries, speaking points and contact information for all for the legislators will be hearing it. That makes it really easy for them to weigh in. And, um so you can sign up for that it retake our democracy dot ord And as you mentioned at five o'clock today, we're going to be speaking with Senator Peter worth about the legislative session for an hour. That's a constituent zoom. I'm so if you are, and you don't have to be a constituent. We prefer constituents for this, But the speaker and the senator are both like State leaders and such constituents from throughout the state have a vested interest in and what they do, and Senator Wirth and speaker Ego both are given toe how they're the most important people in the roundhouse in terms of Bills perceived. What bills get toe What committee? One bills get hurt on the floor. And so we want them to hear our priorities. And if you want to sign up for that You have to do is go to retake our democracy dot organ hover over the legislation. Um, menu in the home page and you'll see partly down. Retake conversation are con versus Senate District conversations or something like that. It's very clear. And you can just, you know, Click on the zoom, invite there and you're in the zoom room. All right, if you're in the zoom room, Can you go down to the chat button and had comments and questions during the zoom? Absolutely you we've got since we've got a limited amount of time, right? We had a team put together a syriza. Targeted questions because you know when, if you open it up to everyone, you know, maybe a bell that they're real interested in like abortion decriminalization, You know, that's real important, but either worth is Make sure that happens and we don't need to spend time talking about it. So we're gonna We're really focusing on bills where we're kind of concerned There might be some roadblocks. With the chair. The chair will be open and people can use. Yes, yes, and we'll send the chat to the speak senator, after our guess is that Paul Gibson? He and his wife, Roxanne, are retake our democracy. Local organization actually statewide organization Now, are there particular themes in this session that you're really going to be focusing on? I mean, pull that the cool thing that you guys do. Is you narrow things down. We're not gonna try and take on the entire session and every bill in all of that you narrow it down to me. Do you do a lot of research and provide a lot of good information around certain topics and certain bills. Yeah. Way started working, Probably right after the primary, um, working with allies like Mexico voices. New energy economy common cause Mexico Environmental law center prosperity works all those kinds of organizations we communicate with thinking, Mexico. We try and find out what they're pushing. And what we did this year legislative bills they're pushing on. What we did. This year was is really different. Normally we waited and had a team scanning bills is that they were pre filed, and then we developed our list. This time we developed the list weeks ago of 15 What we called transformational bills and our criteria for that is basically these air bills that are going to Uh, have the biggest impact on new Mexicans statewide, especially the most vulnerable the Mexicans and are going to take this state and maybe new directions and so transformative directions. And so we had those bills out quite early, and we actually have a survey and you can take the survey by going to retake our democracy dot organs. Survey. There's a button.

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