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With David ranking thinks was staying with us on the afternoon news newcomer Michael Bloomberg is expected to get a rough reception from the other candidates at tonight's democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas at Tarleton state political science professor Dr Nathaniel Congolese says that's not all bad for the former New York City mayor Congolese has Bloomberg has become more of a target thanks to his steady rise in the polls and he says there's a couple of reasons lumber could eventually when the Texas primary one of the large population that leans to advertising being more effective which is what Bloomberg's got going better than anyone else it's also an open primary stay and so Bloomberg former registered Republic and he's gonna try to be attractive to independence and some Republicans want the latest from Las Vegas during the CBS evening news with Norah o'donnell it's six o'clock here on news radio ten eighty KRLD Brian Newman is out of the hospital two days after the crash at the Daytona five hundred Ryan Newman's team Roush Fenway tweets that he's been released from Halifax hospital in Daytona beach the announcement came about two hours after they tweeted a picture showing him standing with his two little girls saying that he'd shown quote great improvement latest tweet includes a picture of the three of them walking out of the hospital this afternoon Newman and his wife Chrissy had announced their separation just days before the race but she's also posted the picture of the words best site ever Peter king the CBS news Orlando congradulations to robin carder of grapevine she knew the answer to today's trivia question I was calling number ten that question was actress Millie Bobby brown turned sixteen today what Netflix Netflix show better famous stranger things she's on the show she's the star of the show rob wins a pair of tickets to see Alice Cooper Tesla Lita Ford Windstar coming up in June fifth you bye chibi time tomorrow afternoon five forty four.

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