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United states to sow division for example there are lots of facebook ads on twitter is there was even higher usage of fake accounts and bots to try to sow division and that was all part of the plan from russians that the us wasn't able to counteract during the election to try and united states in tell gency agency say two helped donald trump win the election npr's domenica montinaro vladimir putin heads to anchor at today the first visit to turkey by the russian leader's since a russian jet was shot down on the turkish border in late 2015 npr's peter kenyon reports putin is expected to discuss syria and other the issues with his turkish counterpart turkey's joined syrian allies russia and iran and developing a series of deescalation zones in syria turkey is charged with maintaining security in it live province the last major stronghold of antiregime opposition forces analysts say turkey's ability to quell violence in the province will be a major topic of shen between putin and president rigid type bear to one other topics are likely to include turkey's response to monday's independence referendum in kurdishcontrolled northern iraq and other his desire to purchase a russian s four hundred missile defense system from moscow a move that has rattled turkey's nato allies peter kenyon npr news is symbol the chinese government is ordering all north korean businesses and joint ventures inside china to shut down the aging is complying with economic sanctions imposed by the un security council these are in response to north korea six the test of a nuclear device this month this is npr playboy.

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