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The twenty twenty NFL draft is in the books the day three picks for the giants were Darnay Holmes a corner from UCLA Oregon guard Shane Lemieux linebacker cam brown from Penn state linebacker Connor Coughlin from Minnesota South Carolina linebacker T. J. Brunson Chris Williamson the cornerback for Minnesota and Amanda will be forever known as Mr irrelevant the last pick of the entire draft Georgia linebacker tae Crowder the jets traded one of their Saturday picks a six rounder to the cold in return for cornerback Quincy Wilson there Saturday picks consisted of Florida running back LaMichael P. Ryan quarterback James Morgan out of Florida International tackle Cameron Clark from Charlotte corner Bryce hall from Virginia and punter Braden man out of Texas a and M. also of note Georgia quarterback Jake Frahm fell to the fifth round where he was picked by the bills ESPN says among the best players to go undrafted where the university of Washington's Trey Adams and hunter Bryant and Michigan's Lavert hill hello she tied a record for seven rounds with fifteen players drafted and the Carolina Panthers became the first team in the modern draft error to use all of their picks on defensive players the Redskins fertile disgruntled seven time Pro Bowl left tackle Trent Williams to the forty daughters in exchange for a fifth round pick which they used on Saturday and a third round selection next year it's been an interesting week for new Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady was asked to leave a close public park that he was working out in the mayor of Tampa Jane castor wrote an open letter to both Brady and rob Gronkowski the other new buccaneer she apologized to Brady for what she called miscommunication saying quote no harm no Fallon thanks for being a good sport with a Bloomberg sports update I'm Frank Garrity this is the.

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