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Welcome back once again here to Michigan stadium, Indiana still leading Michigan seventy two fifteen we have eleven five to go in the third quarter of play. But let's face facts by the Anna has got to get a stop here. If they want to hold them to a field goal because the balls at the ten yard line. It's going to be third down at about five. Now. I'm thinking back in back in the day back in the late eighties in Michigan would take to to get this with this defense way. It is because they don't wanna kick another field goal. Sick and tired of that their defense. They're really starting to trust. I think coming back out of here. So I think playcalling wise it's going to be situation they make to take to to get it. And that's what the head coach says go to get it. And we'll see what happens here. They may throw this. That's still maybe a thought take it to get it. But I don't think they'll settle for a field goal down actually third down in fourth. Yeah. Right. Patterson? Ready to take the snap with higgin behind him in the pistol. Here's the staff goes to gun right up, the gut and he just keeps pounding his way to got the first down. Thought they had him at the lightest scrimmage almo-. Well, I've thought there was going to be a mess fumble. Because the quarterback really struggle. Getting that looked like it was a problem with the mesh there. Give me that thing. I'm going in. And now Sykes I ran a tackle ran, right? Throwing that was not a good effort by Niles show, the balls to five. Ben Mason comes in as the fullback extra defensive lineman for Indiana. It's robinson. I think. Yeah. Jake's got gotta play in today. He's got his name mentioned once before as Patterson works out of a gun. Takes the snap and gives it and just Mason to carry the football big boys, and he didn't get much out of their yard Sykes makes the tackle he ran right into Robinson's area right there, and he stood up her second down and goal at the four. We love to give it to that full back down there. Again, that's old school stuff. He comes out in the field. However enough is enough. We used to give it to the full Beck. Every once in a while to. Yes, it is. Sorry. Thom polls ten minutes left here in the third quarter. Karate ignition the ball game. We're running back down Patterson to the shotgun. Balka four snap. And here's Patterson. Throwing it dumps at the end zone. Darius Willis is going to get called for Nassar ferrets gone. Well, only three people call it. So it must have been true zag jaggery was the bad hit was the pass was intended for. But there was contact. Looks like it was a whole forty three. Two yard line automatic. He was covered too. I think he just grabbed him. But maybe that's was covered. But there was no way they were going to get that ball completed underneath or I don't fly to that guy. So now it's going to be or first gold at the two yard line clocks down to nine forty seven. Michigan Lyon shop. I don't know why this left. It's an interesting situation there Mason's back in it pullback running back shape Patterson under center our formation the snap. And they give the higgin houses way into the end zone. Yeah. A lot of meat Ron I see four offense lineman ribbon through there. Got him into the end zone easy outside zone. Play. They just powered it in there. Michigan retakes, the lead down, Indiana. And are they still kicking it here point is they're gonna they're gonna go for the extra point kick. Jake mode is on. Holders, real heart. The potter. The man snapping the balls Cameron Cheesman. Makes sense to doesn't do you much. And so the extra point tried by. Voting and kick up and the kick is good. So now Michigan. Twenty one to seventeen lead over Indiana was nine forty four to go here in the third quarter. This is a weird crowd general go, oh they own about. I don't know. Maybe the red hat coming out of the field. They're seeing things I'm not seeing. So we have Michigan Topo by you twenty two to seventeen we're.

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