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Winner takes office december first the district five city council see that lewis is giving up it's also being decided with a runoff between cynthia borrego and robert aragon have till seven the night to cast a ballot at any of the city's 53 voting centers around sixty thousand people had already voted either in person during the early voting period or by absentee ballot a judge in santa fe says a student accused of planning a mass shooting at santa fe high school is too dangerous to be out in public the albuquerque journal reports the judge ordered that aaron end cineas be held at a youth detention center made wall charges have been dropped against two other students julian carter and son the argo trujillo although they could be refiled later the alleged plot was revealed last week after notes were found containing plans to shoot students and teachers at santa fe high five people are dead including the gunman and several people were wounded in a series of apparently random shootings in rural northern california today assistant to him a county sheriff phil johnston says the gunman was killed by law enforcement brief currently have seven shooting scenes that we have yellow tape around that we will have to process johnston says a student was also shot and wounded at a great school two female house lawmakers today accused sitting male lawmakers of sexual harassment and misconduct including an allegation that a male lawmaker exposed his genitals do a female staffer neither representative jackie spear a california democrat nor representative barbara comstock of virginia republican name the lawmakers in question during a hearing of the house administration committee wall street today the.

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