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It's possible that elation could be short lived the Justice Department says it will appeal the ruling It comes after the CDC said it believes facial coverings are still necessary to protect the public health The decision is likely to next go to the 11th circuit Court of Appeals most airlines and airports and even ride sharing services like Uber have lifted their mass requirements Steve uttered CBS News A parachute demo caused a brief evacuation at the U.S. capitol earlier capitol police said a plane that posed a probable threat was being tracked turns out it was a plane caring members of the U.S. Army's golden knights who then parachuted into Washington national stadium for a pre game demonstration North of Prescott Arizona wildfire flames spread quickly Hundreds of homes have been evacuated John Paxton with the coconino county sheriff's department says those fleeing had little time 700 plus homes which have been evacuated Folks that want to stay we generally hand a waiver we ask person information about next of kin The Russian defense ministry reports the first launch of its new intercontinental ballistic missile CBS's Mary aleutian reports president Putin says the weapon will make those who threaten Russia think twice The missile is called saruman and is dubbed by NATO as Satan too It is a super heavy thermonuclear armed missile that Putin claims can avoid all air defense systems although The Pentagon has previously played these claims down The U.S. has its own nuclear capable ICBMs but recently called off a test to avoid escalating tensions Police in Syracuse New York are reviewing the actions of officers over viral video of an 8 year old being placed in a police car over an alleged shoplifting incident CBS Allison keyes reports What is that doing That's bystanders and Syracuse gelling at three white police officers seen on video dragging a screaming black 8 year old into the back of a patrol car The officer said the child had stolen a bag of chips Kenneth Jackson shot the video and says the officers were treating the child like an adult criminal What they did was completely unacceptable Police say the child was never handcuffed or charged with a crime The child was taken home where officers spoke with his father Allison keyes CBS News The heads of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are warning that rising interest rates are squeezing the world's poorest countries On Wall Street today the Dow closed up 249 points the NASDAQ fell 167 This CBS News Dell Technologies advisers are here with the right Windows PC and tech solutions so you can stop at nothing for your customers call an adviser today at 8 7 7 astell a start to a simpler experience with Windows 11 pro 8 O three on WTO it's Wednesday night April 20th 2022 60 in Gaithersburg and temperatures dropping to the 30s overnight Good evening I'm Dmitri soldiers for the top local stories we're following this hour A false alarm at the U.S. capitol a bit earlier this evening the complex was evacuated just after 6 30 because capitol police said they were tracking an aircraft that posed a possible threat The plane was not threatening as it turns out it was a military aircraft carrying members of the U.S. Army's golden knights who then parachuted into nationals park for military appreciation night but the trouble was somewhere along the way it wasn't communicated that this plane would be coming through Mitchell Miller was inside the capitol when it was evacuated It was clear that this was not a drill very quickly capitol police went throughout the entire building and made sure that everyone was out of there and the entire complex was then locked down from basically second street to the east and blocks to the west traffic just was not allowed to go through as I was being evacuated I happened to look up into the sky and I saw an aircraft sources tell The Associated Press that plane did not report taking off from joint base Andrews and it didn't have appropriate clearance We'll be asking more questions about this as the week winds down here on WTO Other news tonight we're learning more this evening about the death of former Washington commanders quarterback Dwayne Haskins the 24 year old steelers QB was killed April 9th when he was hit by a dump truck in Florida The accident report just out tonight says that Haskins was trying to cross the interstate 5 95 near Fort Lauderdale when he walked into the truck's path He was also hit by a car We've learned that Haskins wife Calabria called the Florida highway patrol from Pittsburgh after Haskins had been hit She asked them to check on him She told the dispatcher Haskins had called her to say you ran out of gas He was walking to get more but he never called her back as promised Haskins was in Florida training with the Pittsburgh Steelers And in fact he was some of his steelers teammates that were doing some independent practices there A public celebration of Dwayne Haskins life will be held the day after tomorrow in Pittsburgh And now an update to a story we've been telling you about throughout the day a wounded Laurel police officer is out of the hospital He was shot early today while serving a warrant for a man accused of attempted murder WTO's Liz Anderson with the story The officer has been with city police for more than 6 years the 35 year old was shot in the arm while serving a warrant along Brian court in Laurel officers breached the residents but did not cross the threshold That's when police say 23 year old Christopher grace and Sims fired at them striking the officer Sims was the only person home They were after him for attempted murder Laurel police chief Russ Hamill Our officers deescalated the situation with the defendant They attempted to calm him and assure him that he would not be harmed or injured in any way and he was not Sims surrendered without further incident he's facing new attempted murder charges along with assault and intentionally causing physical injury to a law enforcement officer Liz Anderson WTO news A 14 year old girl was raped in a wooded area in fairfax county in 1987 The man responsible was never found That is until now police say they've used 35 year old DNA evidence in genealogy research to find that attacker A violent vicious criminal who perpetrated this heinous act on a 14 year old girl is now in custody Fairfax county police chief Kevin Davis on the arrest of 59 year old William Clark Clark is accused of pretending to be a popular radio host and at a radio station meeting the girl The girl according to investigators was then Enticed into Clark's vehicle with a promise of prizes More than.

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