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Corolla camry and lexus vehicles amazon is offering india's first celebrity voice feature on its assistant with matab bachan aka the big b. The nation's biggest bollywood star users can choose to hear his voice on echo devices or the amazon shopping app for one hundred forty. Nine indian rupees. That's about two bucks for the first year and four dollars a year afterwards dell announced the three hundred forty nine fourteen inch portable usb monitor called the c one for two h with a ten p sixty hertz led ip panel capable of three hundred nets of brightness also includes built in stand supports pass through charging up to sixty five watts and ships august thirty first ladies and gentlemen people of all ages. It's architecture day and intel and no that doesn't mean we're going to describe in chicago skyline or the sydney opera house We get lots of promises for cool new chips first off. The alder lake line will feature a hybrid architecture that means a mix of both performance and efficiency cores. It'll be the first chip released under the newly named intel seven node. That's the one that is not made on the seven nanometer process but that intel argues is just as good as what its competitors call seven nanometers so intel seven. The seven means good. Did someone say mix of course. That's right What are those cores. Golden cove is one of them. That's the successor to eleventh. Jen tiger lakes willow cove and that's the performance course. So tiger lake has willow cove alder lake. We'll have a golden cove intel says. It's the most powerful cpu core. It has ever built. Go figure i mean seriously. You'll need to figure that out yourself. Because until didn't give comparisons to willow cove the efficiency core in alder lake. Grace mont was compared to its predecessor. Sky lake until claims in single threaded cases. Grace mont can match skylight performance at forty percent of the power. Or if you give it the same power to deliver forty percent more performance forty percent..

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