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He's from Anita Iowa, very small town, central Iowa, actually, really western I will. But his best friend picked him up at the greyhound bus stop and very small town very small town much like where I grew up like less than hundred people small town. But there was a police chief would always like kind of how he'd be asleep. This. Boots. And it was the middle of winter and had like he had his feet up on the stove. Well, the actual burner is in the basement. So there's no logs it would just heated through the my dad best friend picked him up the greyhound bus off. And he's like, hey Bill. You got that half. Stick of dynamite. Still. When you have about it for is like, my my dad likes somebody referred to them as an old boy, then old boy sheriff working right now. Whatever it is. I yeah is probably asleep. So my dad climbed the fire escape with the stick dynamite. Dropped it down the flute Jesus. Blew up the boiler. Oh, my dad's spent his entire leave time three two three days before shipping to the annum hiding and his friends head aren't when my dad's showed up at the greyhound bus stop. The sheriff was sitting there is he was on the bus is a where you going Nichols news like Vietnam, he was like all right. -magine doing that these days fucking that was my dad, and he was he was the homecoming king. He was the football captain. He was a track captain just the funniest guy ever. And that's not me. That's not me. The apple the hit the fucking trunk enrolled way. The fuck like just like the hit the body. The brain was totally different. I think there's a lot of parallels in growing up in Iowa in the eighties. I think there's a lot of consistencies with with kids child's childhoods very similarly to ours. Right. And I think he said he had a sister. Right. I do. She's two years old two years old. She's awesome. Yeah. She's same thing. Like, she was all state in three sports valedictorian, and she was national study. And then she graduates whom laude from Iowa degree couple of degrees. She has masters now, and she's an executive Whipple living the life can can she can hook up world who'll down here. Probably if you if you talk about outline. Yes. I'm not going to go like, yeah. If you Email my sister, here's like Email for free Washington, bro. What sports do you play grown-up swim? Yeah. I swam the first sport I ever organized, whatever played was T-ball and swimming Saint here. I started swimming competitively when I was four dude same here, man. That's fucking trip. Yeah. I spent a lot of time in we guarantee you swim. I swim in Waterloo. Probably swim meets all the time. Muscatine what was the US team called there in muscatine is we were the well the Muskie's. And then we were the dolphins are the Marlins. Yeah. So I swam both those teams swam for the Waterloo sharks. Series originality. But yeah. USS clubs growing up. We probably. I'm forty FOX my dude like. Against each other. Yeah, that's bad. It's a fucking trip. Man. I swam competitively from four to eighteen swim every weekend for a tougher during baseball season. Yeah. That's a fucking trip. Man. Seven million people. Pretty good odds. And there's injection to do there either. But did you ever wrestle? Ideally, I played multiple sports all the way up until my junior high school, and my junior of high school. The only thing I did was play baseball my junior senior year that was my I had every intent playing professional baseball had a couple opportunities to do. So play college baseball had a great time. And then. It just look looking back at it. It's not a big surprise of how I develop physically because I just everything. I did so many things just wasn't playing sports. I was climbing trees and live. My parents live near a river. I was jumping off the train bridge in the river and all sorts of stuff. I just you. Did you do it in Iowa kit? Does with nothing else better to do than break. Shit set stuff on fire take it apart, and like trouble talking awesome. So you had you had scholarships and baseball did. Yeah. I did what? So transitioning into the what was the inspiration sort of like why what made you decide. Fuck baseball scholarships. You know, what I'm gonna join the navy and did you join it was actually I graduated in college..

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