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I'm Alex Henley managing editor of WAB news and on this week in review we'll have more on the big mostly expected but still big announcement from Stacey Abrams to run for governor in 2022 and governor Brian Kemp's response But first Tuesday night we had municipal runoff election races around the state you can see results in metro Atlanta races at our website WBE dot org We want to focus on one of the most high profile contests It was in Atlanta voters were selecting several new council members a new council president and a new mayor where Andre Dickens defeated Felicia Moore Dickens spoke with our Lisa ram early on Wednesday after his victory How soon might you reach out to Buckhead city committee CEO Bill white who said this morning he can congratulate the mayor elect Andre Dickens but he says the turnout indicates that residents are ready to vote on city hood So it seems like he's still strongly moving in that direction How soon will you reach out to him to talk about this Well I'm sitting here next to a piece of paper with my scribbly handwriting And on here Bill white Brandon beach and a couple of other people that are proponents of this succession plan They're on my list just as I've already talked to Brian Kemp Speaker of the House ralston I'm going down a list And he's on here in the top 20 people to talk to just to say good morning and let's work on some things together So as soon as I get his number I'll be making a call And we'll set up some time to talk I think he you know he is making statements about why Buckhead didn't vote And I want to hear his ideas on that because you know when south side doesn't vote we say something totally different So I'll be interested in seeing how he feels about all the supporters that I have that actually voted for me when you look at the precinct count in multiple elections The relationship between city and state wasn't quite volatile but there was a disconnect there How important is it that you address that disconnect as soon as possible so that you can effectively address crime housing affordability And the city of Buckhead movement Yeah.

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