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It was so happy to see Mike friend to become parents showing Hannah Beijing, their kids age appropriate like she sweet hold someone. Need to see that, that hurts? I. By the same. This yours. I remember before that made us. They all need to be watching the. I was offered. Yeah. But it's much doesn't matter anymore. What might? I hold enough to end this matter really now is hitting parents involved, and maybe he's seeing. I mean, there is that stereo typical is the parent that was dragging your against their will. Scene is the, the one that's a TV other parents of their, the chaperone. So they're like, I, I like this stuff to your from your son is friends with my son. You know. Yes. I know what they're watching guesses. Okay. This is what it's about Kentucky as parent. I love seeing them speaks heard two of the rest of the prince don't kit has those are the ones that are encouraging. The younger generation as well as more firemen for those grants, you'll understand stuff like that. The second my second. Is not the one is the one that says, I don't get it. But he some to my kids, that's why those are. And as as fans even if your parents. Making that, that, that parent. Is so important because that parents dead way to be like, okay, they're still good people here. They were still nice to the Bill. I don't care about. Story about this first year. Austin, of course anybody Nasc. Where is this? Is this? Missions. But there was this inherent. Two dollars and they end. So they were disappointed and others out. Bring up. He goes, you want to make sure that you enjoy the convention as a or. Impressive. Incident. Of. Attention or. Jones or just stopping. Yes. So I was like. Wanted me on something joy site, I think by. Scheduled said, hey, miss this for let's like yourself with joy, so that was like doing skin. At least for. So here. Yeah, I none of us have none of our parents were Jerry's old enough. Understand. I think we're the first generation. Where we have grown up Hannah me. Spotlit premature. So I think that's I think that's being shipped. Leventis tweets. So I don't know. Where where it goes? Really wanna watch. I don't care. Sports monthly awesome on. There's an. So. Thanks for coming. So, yes, here's A. Uncast. For. Constrain, I think. Tumblers of if you want at me. I'm just looking of getting things I guess for. where you world. Lauren's face. Time journalists. Yeah. Laura. Insis-. I don't really use some. Invite me? Coming all..

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