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The for. Radio Vermont, it's the Dave Graham show on WD. It's your show about the people places, and the issues that matter the most to you. Now, here's your host, Dave Graham. Good morning reminded his Tuesday, June twenty fifth two thousand and nineteen. So glad to have you with us this morning on the day Graham show here. WD EV, FM and AM. And we have some interesting topics to cover today. We're going to have a visit in a little while from representatives from Ben and Jerry's homemade the famous ice cream maker with the big installation, right here, plant right here in Waterbury, who I think it for long time it was Vermont's number one tourist attraction. I don't know if it still is. But I suspected might very well be continue in that rank. And they're gonna come by with some folks who are artists who are who are formally incarcerated talking about using art as a way to express themselves. Get the get their lives back together. And smooth the path of from incarceration back into regular society in the second hour of the program today. Dan Richardson's going to be coming by. He's our regular legal analyst. He gets on the show here. Probably every two or three weeks and talks to us about recent court cases, and that sort of thing today's got a slightly different topic. We're going to discuss which is the aging, Vermont's lawyers states legal Qadri is getting pretty gray around the around the temples, and we're actually getting to a stage now where we have more lawyers in their seventies and eighties than we do in their twenties, and thirties, we're gonna be talking with Dan Richardson about what the what that means for access to Justice and, and are people going to be able to get a lawyer in ten years from, now when they need one, if most lawyers have gone on to retire cetera. But, but first, we wanted I wanted to bring in a guest this morning was willing to join us on short notice. I always. Appreciate that. When people can can jump into and respond to recent breaking news that, obviously keeps the show good topical and, and we can actually get to things people are talking about over the water cooler this morning. One of them is this allegation. They came out the other day from a writer by the name of e Jean Carroll, who who charges that President Donald Trump raped her when he was not yet president, he was is back during the mid nineteen ninety s at a department store in New York is story. She tells and you know, these are these are tough, tough situations where you where you always seems to be two sides here where you have people who are trying to cast out on his alley. These types of allegations, but as, as I hear frequently, especially for women, there's really no nothing, huge to be gained by for MS Carol, for instance for coming out and making these statements. And you know she's probably not having a better week this. This week than she had a couple of weeks ago before she went public. And so, you know, that's just one of the aspects of this thing. But yesterday, the president came out in an interview with the hill, Capitol Hill based newspaper and website in which he said that his response, and it's kind of a classic thing. I've heard this before from when when manner accused of rape, and the comet is quote unquote, she's not my type, and when I hear that in, when I heard it from somebody in this exalted position of president of the United States, it just strikes me as as, as a bit a bit galling, but I'm having trouble articulating why. So, I decided to seek some help on our ticketing why. This is a real problematic response to this kind of allegation and joining me this morning, on the phone from berry is an ward. She is the executive director of the sexual assault crisis team of Washington county and maybe. He can put it into words. Spend the night seem to be able to y that particular response, which, again is something people have heard. I think most people have heard this, this comment, quote unquote, she's not my type in previous cases. And this is what the president of the United States, said yesterday and ward, thank you so much for joining me this morning. And what is it? What, what is it about this particular type of comet, which, again, I suspect, you've heard this before. Right. I mean, this is the kind of thing that gets said, this is not the first time let's put it that way. It's, it's a pretty common respond to an alligator. Unlike this disclosure like this, and they're two reasons why it's particularly problematic. One is that it it's just that rape. Or sexual assault is about it's about sex about the body. It's, you know, it's, it's potentially a consensual sex act, and it's not sexual violence is. Really about power and control and domination and harm. And that's really different from attraction, and, you know healthy sexual behaviors. And the other piece is that he's a sensually saying if she were my type if somebody were my type than yeah, sure it's possible, because that's, that's an okay behavior or it's, it's potentially that person's fault or if they look this way, then it was an engaged behavior. It was a consensual act. I guess I mean, that's what that's one of the things that really bothers me about this. That, that. It seems almost to be a further attack. At least verbal attack because essentially what you're saying. I think what, what he what he's saying when he saying, she's not, my type is that, you know, he thinks that she's unattractive for instance. And, and that's just another insult really, isn't it? Degradation in keeping keeping her down making her less important, which is more power and control. You know, it's, it's, it's sort of a gas lighting behavior continues to cause harm, and it's one of the reasons that making a disclosure, like this is so incredibly hard, and that many people do not come forward and talk about the things that have happened to them. And I mean that, that is part of the, I think part of the domination, also is that is that the preferred mode, you know, what the what the dominator is looking for really is. Silence. And, and no no real reaction at all. And so two to add this insult to injury. It seems as though that's just part of the same game in a way isn't it? It's, it's really making the disclosure, sort of laughable, that would never happen. How could that possibly happen? That person is so unimportant, and it's so unattractive that, you know, nobody, nobody could believe that they would be worthy of, you know, my sexual prowess and my domination. And that's you know who, who wants to have those things said, who wants to come forward and say, this really horrible thing happened and have people not only say no, it didn't. But also to make fun of them and say that it wasn't even possible that they just weren't worthy of somebody, harming them, one of the things that I I I've commented on this program before that extra weight gets attached to utterances from certain people, and the president of the United States is storage safely. You know, whoever is filling that particular role giving. For here. Puree. Your period has historically to some extent been been a model for behavior in the society at large is that would you say, what do you agree with that? I would and does that add to the add to the problematic nature of this of this incident. Really frightening? How on one hand. It's on one hand, good that, we're, we're really having these conversations. We're saying that these beliefs, exist out there, that, that people are property. And you know, if they look at certain way than they, then they agree to experience harm in their lives, and it's okay. And nobody should be held accountable for it. So in that way, I it's an bring it to the service that we can really start to deal with, it confronted a culture, but it is also really, really scary, because we're seeing we're seeing people more than me, people who do believe that in who are, are saying. Yep. That's true. And, and potentially adding those. Saviors to their own life. And there seems to be this, this, this sort of sets of license. That, that is implied here as well, as you know, in the famous access Hollywood tape. It came out just before the twenty sixteen election in which the president, of course, famously was talking about how if you're a star you can do anything. This is the tape in which he acknowledged guess grabbing women by their private parts and so on and, and, and all of that. Behavior was okay. And, and it, it strikes me that on the continuum of this of this sort of behaviour, both of these things would fit wouldn't it, wouldn't they. This is our opportunity to say it's not okay. And if there are folks who are listening, regardless of what the disclosures are violence against other people sexual assault doing something to a person without their consent is, is not. Okay. And what we know is it is incredibly harmful and. Last two, you know, the impact can last a lifetime for people and the impact, you know, radiates out into the community and causes extreme Harmon and that's why I have a job. That's, that's the work that we're doing here to be available to folks because it is so rampant in our community. We, we see sexual assault on a daily basis. You know, it's prevalent out or culture. There is there any evidence indicating that this kind of behavior increases after comments like this from a prominent public figure could be, you know, we've we've seen the, the access Hollywood tape. And with this thing. The president of the United States. But, but certainly, you know, there are some, some sports figures entertainment figures and others who who've been in the in, in the similar spotlight over time. Does does that does that give anybody green light out there? Does there's, there's a level of empowerment of, of folks feeling like they they're part of something that maybe the rest of the culture doesn't understand. So, you know, I might be here saying this is wrong, and they're absolutely people out there saying, no, that's ridiculous. You know, we're sexual creatures and we have these urges, and we can do what we need to do. And actually people like it, you know, their, their belief systems that exist that already that can be empowered by this kind of behavior, but not just that what's happening is, as these things are happening in the media, and in, we're seeing, we're seeing more and more of the harmful things being said, very, very publicly and people saying it's okay or no. It didn't happen. And don't degrading the people who are making the disclosures. The harm is happening in individuals at home who maybe never made a sculpture, or considering making their disclosure in telling their story and saying, here's what happened. Nd and they're listening potentially to friends who are making light of these things that are happening, or agreeing or questioning or really digging in and saying, no, it probably wasn't true in this person is in it for, you know, they're making the disclosure for the long reasons, and so that's hurting people right now who are out there who have an experience of sexual harm. And, and they're seeing the cultural response to be something that it's just a digitally harmful. And so we see we see a response when things like this happen from people who have already experienced violence and need support to understand all of these feelings. And why if feels like the world is just saying it's your fault or it didn't happen. Or there's something wrong with you, or, you know, it couldn't have been raped because you aren't attractive enough. You know. So it must have been here fall. Those are really, really hurtful. And you know in. Packed entire community. So we see that my guess is an ward. She's executive director of the sexual assault crisis team here in Washington county. She's here to respond to comments. President Trump made yesterday he had another. I guess, there've been more than a dozen to twenty I'm not sure the exact number allegations against him by different women over time that he is committed sexual assault. Rape it cetera sexual misconduct, various types of descriptions, over the years just last week. A writer by the gene Carroll long longtime columnist came out with an allegation, that Donald Trump had had raped her in a department store in New York, where the to happen to just bump into one another. They sort of knew one another got into a conversation than and MS Carol Lynn, rather, harrowing account tells us that, that they ended up in a addressing remarry where we're, we're Donald Trump raped her and. And his comedy. He got gave a response journalists yesterday who were asking him about this. According to the hill, the Capitol Hill, newspaper and website. The president responded in part by saying, quote unquote, she's not my type as in I wouldn't rate for, because that's the reason and. You know that, that, as I mentioned, at the top of the show, that just strikes me galling a lot of levels. And so an ward is helping us to sort all that out this morning and pre she'd you and staying right through the break here..

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