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What do you do yup eleven and game three of the nba finals and and and you look like you're got golden state finished and what happens kevin durant knows came backdrop long range bombs from all over the place one of those threes kevin durant pulled up right in front of lebron's face when you're six eleven with a seven six wingspan what's knipe alike abilities you can do that when you're six six and you don't have it three point shot your can't what is the wing cases supposed to do with that was he's about to do lays gentlemen car lowry's up to my chin i'm six one he's a pit bull i can never be the player he was and he's very talented needs an all star but he's miniature we're gonna do it that against the braun i mean come on and as much as i love me some david phys deal i would've loved to wayne casey to be available when the knicks were looking for coach would have been nice would have been a nice option for the knicks to have because the way case he'll be without a job long not a basketball minds are smart as they think they want everybody think they are way case coachman he's just didn't have the personnel the beat lebron is that simple and i don't understand for the life of me why this man was without a job right now i mean i do understand let me take that back because he's not without fault he's not completely flawless and i get all of that but damn look at the roster.

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