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The swedish pop group abbas recorded new material for the first time in thirty five years the group on instagram said they've recorded two new songs including one called i still have faith in you they went on to say that while the members were reuniting to plan a virtual tour featuring digital avatars they then decided to go back into the studio and record some new music i track will be performed by holograms of the group which look how they looked in the late seventy s and it'll be part of a tv special broadcast by the bbc and nbc in december the ceo of the world's biggest airline warns that higher fares are coming american airline ceo doug parker says rising fuel costs are eating into profits fuel is the airline's second biggest expense after labor so when it rises so does the cost of providing air travel american blamed higher fuel prices for a forty five percent drop in firstquarter profits to one hundred eighty six million dollars parker said he doesn't think fares will rise fast enough to have much affect on the demand for travel which has been strong americans replaced many of its fuel guzzling older planes with new more efficient jets over the last several years construction workers in iran may have unearthed the mummified remains of the shah of iran father the gauze wrapped body is triggered intense speculation and it's revived discussion of iran's dynastic passed a mob demolished raise the shah's tomb shortly after the nineteen seventy nine revolution and the family lives in exile raise the shah's grandson the us based exiled crown prince raise apollo v has tweeted that he believes the remains to be those of his grandfather even as ron waits for forensic experts to determine whose body they found authorities say they'll need to conduct dna tests to confirm whose body it is state television has yet to report on the fight likely because of restrictions on discussing the paula vs thank you.

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