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We talked Washington Football Club, and it felt Mike Harmon is back. His power went down in the middle of the last segment We did a few minutes ago. So Michael Fabbiano NFL network Fantasy Hall of Famer stuck around with us hanging out going to stick around with us. Now we talk about the Washington football team. But Harmon's power is back. So fabs I mean, I know tryingto. Co host the rest of the show with me. You snip some wires at Harmon's house, but he was able to circumvent it. Yeah, I guess so. Right like is the power back or, you know, do you have like some kind of generator that's powered by a hamster in a wheel. Like what's going on over there, Armand, Whatever it takes to keep you surprise from trying to take my throne. By the way, Smith already said that I have replaced you as his best friend. So there's that, although he's a needy guy. My power cuts out for five minutes and it's a all right. I'm done with him. I have no doubt that that's the way his mind works to, as were to happen to me. It would take no time at all. I've got my permanent replacement. Let's go. The first thing that happened after your power went out, Fat says I need to do the rest of the show with you. I could do the rest of the show. We're all good. I'll set up we were. He was all set to goes, but now we have no doubt. Everybody is back. Everything is good. Dodgers Giants still 11 in the top of the sixth inning giants are coming to bat against Pedro Baez, who was coming in in relief of Ferguson, who pitched the last 2/3 of an inning on ending ago. So everybody's favorite Pedro by it all he wants from there, right? Yeah, he wants everybody hating and everybody loves Pedro Baez. Now it's insane, radiates Joe Kelly. That's OK. I like you like to cut out in the background. I actually like those I was watching the Yankees national game. Earlier. By the way, you did win that game, Jason and they had nothing but just empty seats. With the cut out. I think it's pretty cool, man. I like it. It's not that it's It's better than seeing then seeing just nobody behind home plate. I will say that is tough. It looks like Petco on a Tuesday night. When there's nobody behind nobody in the state money, they would just before banners and advertising their You know That's the case. Not for nothing. No, Petco is a great place to see a baseball game. Yes, it is. You can spread out. It's really a great stadium is Becca Anaheim's great great places? Anyplace I could spread out. Put my legs over a couple of seats. I'm feeling pretty good. You know what pretty is. We were, if we were actually in the normal world if we didn't have to deal with this pandemic. Right about now is when Motley Crue death leopard in poison would have been playing at Petco. So I would have probably been down in San Diego at this point. Yeah, You got my money last time. I'm not paying again. Hey, let me hit the way We haven't gotten to this tonight, and it's a big story. Today we saw the Washington football team is now going to be known as the Washington football team for this season, changing their name from the Redskins, and it's going to go as is they put out their new uniforms. They're new helmets with the numbers on the side of the helmet. They're not going to have the logo. It's going to be a bit of a search for the new nickname, but for this season It's going to be Washington football team and, you know, fans. Listen, BDNF l I'm just wondering, I pretty sure they could have gotten by with saying Well, okay, we're going to change them after this year. Because, after all, look, the NFL's allowed Redskins for the longest time if Daniel Snyder says, Okay, this is the last year for the Washington Redskins. It's too close to the season. We don't have a team, right? We don't have anything ready. We're going to do it for next season. I think everybody would have said Okay, I think that if they want to do you mean like in this cancel culture world that we live in with sponsors, basically saying they're going to pull out With minority owners saying they want out. Do you think it really would have been okay to have them be the Redskins for another season like that? We're living in right now. Man is just It's insane. When it comes to the cancel culture stuff. I feel like if they stuck with the Redskins, they would have absolutely just been toasted all over social media and every place else until they did change the name. I feel like they had they had to do something. And my guess is that they wanted to have some time to sort of do some surveys and research on what the new name might be so they could do the merchandising thing, But we actually said this On my show on Sirius takes time earlier today. The Washington football team is gonna have merchandise and then after the season is over, whatever the new nickname is going to be there going a whole new The list of merchandise. So this is going to be a nice little boon for the Washington football team in terms of their pocketbooks, Because everybody is a rich of that squad is going to end up by a new gear and then they're going to buy new gear again for 2021. No, I look at it as if they announce we're changing the nickname your right. We're changing it and we are gonna have it for next season. We're goingto take away all references to the Redskins now, but but that's still going to stay our nickname, but we're getting rid of it for next year. I think that would have. That would have been enough for everybody. And I think it would be enough for the NFL who were going was the NFL going to sit there and tell him to change it? They didn't never stepped in to say anything. So I think just looking at what the world is like. They could have said that the NFL would have said Okay, and Daniel Snyder would have moved on from there. I don't know. I don't know about that. I really don't. I mean, the NFL has basically just gone all in on social injustice which they should've done in the first place. They? They dedicated what? $250 million of the cause over the way we got to go fans. I get it. I love you, man. I'll talk to you a second. Jason.

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