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Righty rolling along Danny sentiments texted me and he says come fans love John yeah I said okay I am but I am asking for a really working was when I was asking I what is interesting I think the American made you know the last two years they have a love job they didn't love Joe that's why Joe's no longer here J. if he was loved he probably would still be here and there would been more of an outcry when they when they think the mutually agreed to let each other part easy beloved like that can they can take it might be unfair was coach just coach at such an integral part of the franchise yeah like if you love this Quenneville people love Quinn you know I mean it's I don't know it's interesting mikes in Orland on the south side what's up Mike go yeah you guys anybody with a brain no matter okay so the higher load up the world yeah you got a fire right up to the world thank you all for the world the results of the federal office door it's going to be three years allegedly fired anyway the guy the group that plays out of bed for thirty years okay as a bench coach for the eagles I got about normal off smaller scale group okay thank you Mike so in one of my text messages Danny's yelling at me for saying you're full of B. S. Joe Maddon is beloved in Chicago and Mike says anybody that thinks Joe Maddon should have been fired that day is a moron I love it those who doesn't love sports talk radio right that's right before we bring in Pat Boyle York I did dial a little now I want to just one bit of number crunching I love it I love it when you go out on me you know people are probably sick of me already saying this I'll say more more if the hawks in the orders to meet up and not like a plane series but I you know short series firstly always welcome that right when you're that the team that's not going to be favored right because you know you're allowing more variance to sort of set in I've mentioned a few times that the Blackhawks actually scored more even strength goals this year than the Oilers other could be something that with just how dominant the Oilers are in their special teams I don't know but really that's where they've made their hate this year the Oilers ended up establishing an all time record in power play conversion they were also very good on the penalty kill but the hawks were actually eleventh in the NHL this season in even strength goals for about two point four one per game the Oilers were eighteenth two point two seven per game so not a huge divide but I always look at that stat is an important number going into the playoffs because historically the teams that do well in the regular season in that area do well in the post season you're not going to be on the power play as often obviously the RAF's usually let you get away with a little bit more in the teams that can play great hacking can score five on five and one of the teams that do very well I went back and I looked at the last nineteen seasons York and I just looked at where the eventual Stanley Cup champion finished in the league rankings in the regular season and right end strength goals for yes and I did and I know you always want the three ends you want the mode you want the median and you want to mean so I have I have all three for you you're wonderful the movie is too okay so second place in the regular season no second best right that's the mode that's the number that appears most frequently correct the median other middle is fourth in the meaning is eight point eight so what you see there is teams in the top ten historically have done very well the teams that do better in that area normally do better in the postseason and the hawks actually were a little bit better than Edmonton in the regular season and I think they could give the Oilers a run for their money in a short series especially if Crawford is healthy and playing good goal you know playing well in between the pipes so let's bring in our buddy Pat Boyle do it on the NBC sports Chicago I don't care how cheap it is P. B. I'm just happy that that the hawks potentially could be in some sort of a a postseason series added today officially called the playoffs or they're just calling it a plane series I don't care I'll take a series against the Oilers yeah they're not officially in the plaster they're in a qualifying series and you know we thought they were lucky last year when they moved up nine spots in the draft lottery there even luckier this year but we'll take it they had a less than three percent chance of making the playoffs before the plows back on March twelfth they now depending on how you handicap is series what thirty forty percent or better chance of beating admitted and you mentioned you know some of the the key stats I mean I think while you can point to success with even strength goals I can also show you data that the team to reach the final four in the western and Eastern Conference finals at most of the time they had top ten our special teams units and that's exactly what the Edmonton Oilers have they missed work leave fantastic power play one of the best in the history of the league now how is that power play going to be after being off for three or four months there should be some regression but I don't think it's going to drop dramatically to the point that you know you know the hawks are some how gonna pull even with them when it comes to power plays because as we know that was an absolute Achilles heel of this team all season long yeah I don't know why they can't get that right either with but we know I don't know there's any easy answer to it I think they're they're probably out answers aren't they Pat as to why with all the skill that they do have why they just can't seem to get that unit clicking yeah I mean I I really restructured with at times the the situation on the point and I mean I think that's the key issue yeah and you know this team has when they when they get somebody in that spot who can move the puck and concluded in that just get it to keep the put into his wheel house they have success and you know that you know I love Duncan Keith but you know him being on the top power play unit I I you know I just I don't think I think that's what you're going to see it in this qualifying around but I don't think that is that is the the the the thing that would help this team the most right now I I think they I think they missed what they had at that point and obviously they deal that because they they wanted a draft equity at the trade deadline and now you know they're back to square one trying to improve on a unit that was somewhere around twenty eight this year and they can walk the line to be a threat to the pass and score you know they just don't really have that so at some point during the year they put Brent Seabrook out to pasture knew when they had a multiple surgeries yeah with this delay is there a possibility that super comes back in place no I don't think you'll be able to go just because of the three surgeries that he had in a short period of time but Calvin de Haan had shoulder surgery in late December Dr your convention yeah he may be he's probably all of those that are injured he's the most likely to be able to go if the key things often in late July the other question would be in your shot you know he had the the concussion situation in November are there some people that question whether or not you know this is career threatening we won't know until this team reconvenes and and and gets back to that's the story where a training camp starts and the earliest that would start is like July first your call made a good point about you know the sort of a slower rollout to for you know our own you know if I got if you caught phasing in facing out into what we're doing but you know it with the population density here in in this part of the state in the Chicago land area it's obviously gonna be slower than other places are you surprised I mean geographically I guess it makes a lot of sense but are you surprised that Chicago was one of those cities on this potential humblest Peavey guy once I was absolutely surprised infrastructure wise I get it you know they have the facilities at the hotels they also have the capability of doing a mass testing and I think that's something else that the league considered but from a couple of the cases perspective and you look at where Chicago ranks and then how many there are I would find it highly unlikely that Chicago would be a hobby for one of the two cities at the NHL resumes playing yeah well Sir gas NBC sports Chicago talking about a potential return to the ice for the Blackhawks in the NHL and the hawks in the playoffs as far as some of the other stuff in the offseason I mean it's been you know strange I think it caught a lot of us off guard when the Blackhawks made the change they made immediately followed up with the bulls were doing it made much more sense with the bulls front office but this reorganize organization this reshuffling what do you think will happen with that president's rule and will it be a hockey guy or they want more of a business guy to run things well there are different about the way she mode right now carm Danny ward says taking over you know on an interim basis but it's still unclear or not whether you know he would remain as other president of of the Blackhawks but right now they're doing internal valuation looking over all other departments you're gonna see stand in the hockey ops group handle the upcoming draft that was sort of complicated how that was explained yesterday but it does boil down to this hawks have a chance of getting a top three pick if they don't admit that it's not a it's not a great chance but they got a little bit of a chance if they be admitted in a five game series then they're going to be not part of the fifteen teams in the draft lottery but back to your you know original question they're they're trying to determine what direction they're gonna get going they're gonna take their time on this and a lot of it is because I don't think they want to do it during the pause or during the resumption of play I think it's going to happen right after that I think it's going to be swift and quick and I think they will bring in a a had and again it might be somebody internally that just changes job titles but I think there will be a a president and a business ops and there will be a vice president of hockey operations and I think so everybody will report that in the hockey ops will report to the president and collectively they will take that to ownership but with that being Danny or rocky we could be having another like another position basically if they had like a vice president of hockey operations is that right correct correct yeah the we would see whoever's general manager if that stand stand would report to this you know those are a hockey ops and that person would be almost on a a parallel line to reporting to the new president of of the.

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