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Police say back to you he said you know and enjoy home run i mean your joy you see it on the those it i was too much now play baseball and i'm glad i can play in the majors i just my personality i could do now that was jose reyes right now wilmer floor it's okay so what is we have to do would you play a bad thing to do with hill he's is his job is to make you play bad look back bright job here's the thing you do the opposite if i were wilmer floor is first of all your venezuelan men you play in the world baseball classic were guys end up showboating inheriting day on their way laughing at and by the way we love it okay we actually i think most of us here would wish that baseball would adopt some of those characteristics of the world baseball classic but then i also remember woolmer floors being the guy i think two years ago when they thought when he thought he was traded in the middle of a game started crying so you know what i mean like i maybe i i see a maybe or shooter has more from him got receipts george yet maybe i shouldn't expect too much from him at this point this a very very frustrated we please being a baby earth you we player baroness respect us for the first time ever that is against in frustration during bear the nine games five hundred not my fault in a very very they've give it up thirty roared not my in the has the heirs of the rpg again numerical at rafah.

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