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To you will receive a thousand dollar campus visit award schedule your visit as to you dot EDU today your next updated ten news radio six ten W. I. O. D. thanks for much are forecast to clear nice cool morning to start our day this afternoon more sun than yesterday significant chance of a quick shower should be a slight chance of a quick shower highs will be in the mid to upper seventies now it's time for business or technology more Jeff good morning Jimmy apple the schedule to post its quarterly results after the market closed today analysts were expecting good news from the iPhone maker Nike has stopped selling Kobe Bryant merchandise at its online store at the basketball legend had an endorsement deal with Nike and the company says it will re evaluated strategy for handling the signature gear in light of Bryant's tragic death two big auto suppliers are headed for a merger board Warner's buying Delphi technologies it's a deal valued at around three point three billion dollars in just in time for the Super Bowl the Twitter account for more than a dozen National Football League teams have been hacked accounts for the forty Niners and chiefs and several other teams no longer include profile photos a posting on the Green Bay Packers account reads everything is hackable and it says a group called our mind is behind the bridges Jimmy back to you all right thanks for much instead of fifty two well the today at noon the the present will unveil his proposal for Mideast peace with the majority on Yahoo about in it now was just been formally indicted on bribery charges in Israel is facing reelection come up a few weeks I find hard to believe that he would win again but yes I called it a witch hunt right well you know that me and present to our friends have they like each other and then a one o'clock presence defense will begin again on the Senate floor and they've got one another eight hours or so well actually more time than that but they only took two on Saturday so they got a lot more but they're not gonna use it all to his roster the fish last night about nine o'clock and I I still wonder tonight they need to go harder at that first of the first article of impeachment second one I think is is absurd strutting of a Congress but you know it just doesn't make any sense to me about the first one is going to be harder I think I I look I don't mind calling of witnesses only the point jumbled let's find out what he has to say well here's the problem is to have an office in Bolton who was fired by the president claims the president said this storm well how how trustworthy is that how honest is that you know the Democrats hated jumbled all this time they hated without one are you an idiot you hire jumble or because of fox news isn't it right they hated them all of a sudden he's the best friend all we gotta get John Boehner yeah he's honest trustworthy fellow it's All Things just absurd now I hope they don't stop at one witness because a lot of when this need to call them a bunch of including Adam Schiff including the whistle blower I one of them shift as well put this guy up to I want the guy was on the call he wasn't I wanna know where this all came from this someone go do you input the so they did someone write it for you was it Adam shift and the staff and shift the that wrote this story I want to know all these things in a way you as long as her point out slime balls in Washington DC or Marvel point everyone while and there's a whole pile point so all that fun again this after one o'clock I mean it's all day a Donald Trump today at noon to get in there yeah what's what's the other one just got indicted you know what a car so for years I believe when you think about this is I believe you're a kid what were us would you want to live third any okay ago Hey thanks many thanks to Chris of course it thanks to Taylor and to Rory this is a great job today to everybody in the news was better fact into for listing was in our morning right here itself was first is only what six ten W. I. O. G. warming up stand by for the Riley update morning edition but first here's a fact emergencies happen and often the power goes out stores close so make sure you're prepared for when that happens I use my patriot.

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