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The allied and rebuilds stink of P. Jeannie would describe the power shut off the same way these really stink but they're necessary sometimes now we can debate that but it strikes me that the reason so many giants fans feel confused and upset right now is because the team over the years are rarely does this they certainly never admit it although they are a little bit more open to admitting here this time around they didn't dance with any big names this off season in the hopes of making a fan base think that they were going to go for something Allah Bryce Harper this is not a playoff year we know that they know that so why hunter pence and why Pablo Sandoval is it for PR well if it is it's not a very good strategy which is why I think the fan familiarity with pants and Pablo is really only a slight silver lining I mean honestly are you gonna suddenly go to the ballpark is Pablo and pens might play eighty games yes don't agree I don't think so the truth of the matter is those two guys also fit the profile of what farms IT was looking for and we forget that while they are names from the past to us they both also played really good baseball last year hello intense they did something that most of the giants hitters didn't do they they hit the ball on their clubhouse guys their energy guys on they're not going to need to play every day they're versatile they're affordable and they're short term in that last part is the key are they might be even more short term then you realize ask yourself do you like Mauricio do blog and are you intrigued by Jalin Davis and if that was a yes and a yes then you should like the sightings of jurors smiley and Kevin Gausman and wanted Peralta and Pablo and parents are because they're all tickets to potentially become more to bonds and Davis's those guys were acquired last July for drew Pomeranz and Sam Dyson it didn't take much to make up prospects that are interesting and and that's what the giants are trying to do this year to get more of those guys this is the game the giants are playing this year it's about two things assess the young guys and acquire more that's really yeah but we've got some time here in the six o'clock hour to really dive into this with you and fan fest is tomorrow and we're excited to get out there a lot of you are going to come out and see if we can't wait hi five shake hands and and and do what we do every February but as we get ready for it it is the signal of the end of the off season so let's hear it at eight await cambiar let's assess the off season for the giants in one word.

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