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If it calls through the house Commons now phase of unreleased, whether we are close to a leadership challenge even have proper coup or attempt to over for Theresa May one of the things that you seem to need as an attentive candidate. Theresa May never had Steve Baker. He is a ringleader am expects tests today suggesting that he doesn't know who the preferred Braxton candidate is. Yeah. That is probably one of the ministers of quit the cabinet over Brexit. But what would they probably put them on a Rame lock the door, Laker decide. And then that's that guy 'cause I should be one Euro-sceptic leader candidate. Do you think that's a good plan? I'm not sure there is any plan really misses Theresa May's great advantage. She's a lot of critics, but they're still holding very hero. The still a waiting for somebody to be the person who puts things together. And I mean, let's take the European research group incredibly clever people there, but they do seem to be shambolic -ly disorganized. I mean, they had their turns of Brexit plan that the Antic cancel of last minute. And then publish even the active trying to have a press conference outside parliament seemed to be a bit much for them yesterday. Casey as you looked for yourself. So really, I think Theresa May partly got where she is because she has spent a lot of time with them. Articulate champs into rested Seuss giving speeches about how you do. This other been on being able to organize whereas she carries on this is her intransigence her resilience is her greats. I guess her great vice under a great strength, and I am really talking around. I can hear MP saying we're going to fast what we get the votes cetera. But movie release saying is to be Jacob or got to be Jeremy hunters to be cited or something. And without that kind of organizing force behind the rebellion. It will be splits five or six ways and David Cameron had this phrase when he was in government a plan beats no plan, and I think that's Theresa May's governing philosophy as well, ROY. Now, she's goes eight plan. It's a bad plan. But it beats no plan and the rest of the movement really got a plan a rival plan. So I think if the exam question was whether Theresa May's deal is awful that would get very clear pass, Mark. Everybody knows is awful. But if the question is who is going to succeed her nobody has beginning to get an answer to this. Now. Now, you might believe it's come our come with the man if there is a sort of leadership Couve in the party would danville get behind somebody. And right now, a lot of those suggesting turn into her Briggs at plan believe that something would just come out of their loss assure now another thing to Theresa May has going and half favor. Is the fact that she hasn't had any more as nations that he's today of ziebel update you later at that changes. And there was speculation that could be a second wave so figures such Michael penny Meudon and even Chris grading every mid to be weighing up options that Michael gave his decide to stay. He doesn't wanna be Brexit secretariat. But he is happy to stay defa James is this an inducement Theresa May is she out of the woods on. That's what you think we still see resignations. I there is a possibility that we could sell. We'll see more cabinet resignations Adumim a coming today. I remain in this very odd situation. Which is they're all still bonds people sitting around the cabinet table who have a grave very grave reservations about plan. I one of the things will is the question is what does she do? How does she people? There was a route to pulse this plan through parliament..

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