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The Absolute Center and embodiment of non mutant power in. The Universe in house of X. Number One, read and Susan Richards have a chance to question the mutants moves Greco in the appearances of at all and Scott replies all my life I've been told that I was less when I knew that I was more how long did you think that we were just going to take it and then of course, he says that families waiting for Franklin Richards on Koa as well. Right but it's a very powerful sentiment coming from Scott Summers who of course has been Embroiled in meeting kind I long as we've known that mutant should not have to be subjugated and harass due to the fears of small minded people in order to play by the imagine rules of decency that have never extended to mutants themselves. The idea the mutinous should be locked in this endless cycle of persecution and unaccountable violence in order to retain their quote unquote goodness increasingly increasingly flawed especially as we extend mutant metaphor I get the ideal I quite love the whole professor x's early dream it's. A very nice dream, but it wasn't working. So no storytellers don't have to repeat the same old song and dance and hope for a different outcome the actual extension of the mutant metaphors it extends to real life oppress minorities and please keep in mind. This is a fictional metaphor and it's not my intention to equate the two is sort of more Portland pointingly right now, the group that says enough is enough no more. It's not supremacy to want a better fair life it's not supremacy to demand changed. Crucially to Greco is not actually meeting kind fighting back the direct and obvious violence magneto details the philosophy most eloquently and expert number four paraphrase paraphrase slightly here for brevity since mags get super into the Soliloquy, we will take the outrageous sums of money. You will give us because it also means more wealth for you and we will buy your banks. We will buy your schools, we will buy your media, we will buy your politicians and Then, we will by you because you have taught us that everything has a price. We will use this influence to make sure the wrong sort of people and you know who no longer have any economic power, and that is how it will end like a fire with no oxygen. There will be no warped right. This is a huge moment for Magneto who is always sort of been the ringleader Andy Champion of a mutant war as the means. To An end here saying we found a better way when you think about the state of Marvel's comparable nation states the in humans of Alan Moore's Atlantans to Charles what condon's they to keep a distinct geopolitical status that in many ways separates them from the rest of the world in humans in particular are rarely integrated into actual international politics. There are, of course, exceptions have not attempted to integrate through selfless acts of her was nearly nearly. As, often as the X. men and literally moved to get away yet are rarely questioned as outright villains..

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