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We believe we will be the winners. The Trump campaign wants a recount in Wisconsin and is suing to stop the counting in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani says the problem is observer access the observers. Can be 20 or 30, FT. Away. Never able to see the ballot itself. Giuliani says he might file a national lawsuit to expose what he calls the corruption of the Democratic Party. I'm Ed Donahue. The vote count is continuing and overnight protesters took to the streets in cities across the nation. Sometimes about the vote counting, sometimes about racial issues. Jackie Quinn reports in Chicago in New York City. Arrests were reported when protesters set fires. A group of pro Trump demonstrators disrupted a vote counting session in Detroit. But others were there to insist every vote gets counted. Joe Biden now has 264 electoral votes. Meaning he's one state away from becoming president elect. The San Francisco 40. Niners have shut down their facility after receiver Kendrick born tested positive for the Corona virus. This is AP News. We should know more about a Corona virus vaccine next month. Theeighties Charles David is more reports the chair of Britain's Corona Virus Vaccine Task force. Says data evaluating the efficacy and safety of the two most advanced candidates should be available in early December. Kate Bingham has told a parliamentary committee. The data on the two vaccine candidates developed by Oxford University on AstraZeneca on Phaser and B O N. Tek should be available by then. After that the vaccine candidates will need regulatory approval. Bingham says. If the developers get that we have the possibility of deploying by year end Robin shot up one of the scientists behind another vaccine developed by Imperial College. London says it's possible several vaccines will be needed to stop the pandemic. Charles Ledesma, London and I'm Rita Foley. AP News Thank.

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