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Wanted Go See Willy Mays vomited buy tickets for three games. Syria's that want to see me because he knew he knew in a three game series. You can put up some serious numbers, saying That's great stuff that that really is, and then just away carried himself. You know this grace dignity and he was just nobility. Big time. Yeah, he was. He was baseball, royalty and Think about it. Check. There's gonna be a lot of empty seats in Cooperstown. Hopefully they'll get they have the ceremony this year, But my gosh between you know Morgan and Fever and Brock and Gibson and Teii line and Waiting Ford. Then this group of the sort of goes sudden goes and now the biggest of them all, Henry goes. It's just It's kind of a little too much to absorb it. Fear of baseball fan like you when you're absolutely right. As soon as I posted something on Facebook yesterday, saying, I haven't been this sad in a long time. My attorney friend up in Mason. Huh? Chris Watkins wrote. You know, a little piece of us died today. And it said, there's no doubt that that's how I think we all who are sports fans kind of age ourselves by our Baseball heroes going and you know, you got blessed. My father was 97. I'm up here and nor New York taking care of him. He said he felt like he lost a member of the family. When when you will get bear died, and I feel like I lost a member family when show Morgan died because I was pretty close to Joe and I have got Tonto. Pleasure of doing a piece Send off Peace and Joe for Life magazine found a newsstand now, along with the other five Great Hall of Famers who passed in 2020 and man, They just told me they don't make them like that anymore. I don't care what anybody says. And Morgan was like Henry in that sense of the class in the dignity and the nobility and just was a great pioneer in a great representative representative of his race, and and and and for baseball, So I I admire all these guys and it zipped tough hit one of my greatest thrills. And honors was being the emcee at the Miramonte High School's Warrior fund raiser Stag. In in Oakley and I got to introduce and sit and have dinner with Joe Morgan. This was like years ago. Yeah, and gosh, just just awesome. And so I introduced him by saying He's not only the greatest living second baseman the greatest second baseman who has ever lived and I got a note in the mail from from the A D at Miramonte saying, Jill really, really like that and appreciate it. If you didn't say anything unless he really you know means that man, So yeah, What a threat. He's an amazing guy because he would do events like that. And I remember Hearing this story. I wasn't a part of it, but I think when he first came to the Reds, there was like a caravan like they do. Only there was one bus and said it three and Joe was out and happen to fall asleep in a snowstorm. They wake up like 10 hours later in West Virginia, and they introduced Joey says, Man, I gotta tell you heard about risk country being really strong with baseball fans. Are you kidding me? Do you fancy coming from 12 hours away through a blazer to see his place? So Yeah, he was. He was an amazing guy. And what? I just love that location of the statue that Tom to she did it right. The corner. The big corn next, a great American ballpark. What a great Welcome for out of town fans and even his hometown to come to see the ball club play and have Joe be the first guy that come across him on the great former Reds. Yes. Hey, I was checking out Twitter yesterday and sports writer called Davey Johnson. It to get a comment, and he said that he that he loved him, he says, but I, but I can't talk right now. He's being treated for Cove. It J. B. Johnson. So What Just said. You know, he loved him, and they're very close. And yeah, just heartbreaking toe lose. Ah, legend like like Hank Aaron. Yup, There's no down here again. Well, let's just give thanks that we got to see him play he played was a little bit before my time is yours. But such a long career he was still playing when we were breaking in his sports writer. So it that does your great career he had and from those those those 20 whoever was 55 to 73. I heard today that is worst season was like a 4.3 war into 20. You know, three year period, I thought, my gosh, these guys off here was better than most all stars. Best year, So Yeah, he was one of a kind. And I mean, let's face it, chick the Giants don't walk the earth anymore. Like Henry Aaron. You're right. And he was He was good young and old. Yes, Yes, it's just Yeah, Just just phenomenal. And you have no question 3016 hits without the home runs that zombie like me away my favorite state of all. Yeah, And my nobody put up on my Facebook page yesterday said you know, too. To paraphrase Bum Phillips. I don't know what class Hank Aaron's in, but it don't take long to call the roll. Right. That's true. I mean, think about he led the league in total bases eight times. I don't think anybody's done that, including Bonds, Ruth You know Williams hey was just in a class of his own, and I think that's what you have to say about him is that I think I read a quote from, uh, chipper with their former Braves and I thought to myself, he said. You know, there's all star teams, and there's all galactic teams and Henry Aaron's starving all galactic team so that that set set it all for me. No doubt. He kept that box under his You know what? His locker of the hate mail that he received? Can you? Um alter pressure the pressure that he went through chasing Babe Ruth? It's just you can't fathom it. No, I've read. I've read a half dozen of those hate mail help A mail letters today and It was bad or worse than anything. Jackie Robinson got hand. I thought myself it open it. New I guess inside to me for Henry because you talk about nobility and royalty and all that, but to do it under duress like that, for the record, he really He knew he had to have that record to become one of the absolute all time so he pursued him, But he really didn't want it. He didn't want to eclipse the great Bambino. But I mean, if you got a chance, you're gonna go for it, and he did it would complete Grace and it it just shows in this case how the people who were criticizing of him criticizing him. They were much less human being that he was so that tells you all you need to know you had Gosha quote. Unbelievable. I don't want them to forget Ruth. I just want them to remember me and Wow, it's just Yeah. And before I let you go, John Erard and I really appreciate your time tonight. How bad you know, just from an economic standpoint from a psychological standpoint. God, we need baseball back bad. We do we do. And I have to say, chick that you know the rest of the visions not really going after it. So I think 86 wins could actually win the division and the rest can make Running down to me the most exciting thing about this offseason. I guarantee you, man, they're gonna wind up with one of these three short stops. That's out there wouldn't be d d Gregorius or Andrelton Simmons or Market Simi and they're gonna have a real really good shortstop for nine or 10 million bucks..

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